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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Larry W Grimsley
ACES Enrollee

Larry Grimsley is a level 1 technician in Bainbridge, Georgia.  Larry first heard about the ACES program from a friend who worked for NRCS some years ago.  Larry did a little research about the ACES program, decided that he was qualified, applied for a position and has been an enrolleed since June 2010.

Larry feels that the ACES program has provided a great opportunity for him to learn how the USDA/NRCS conducts business with farmers, ranchers, and other individuals.  He likes meeting new people, teaching them about the Farm Bill programs and in the process, he learns a few new things himself.

Larry’s very varied early work experience includes being a Master Counselor for youth and a Supply Specialist for the United States Army Division-Department of Defense.

Larry holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Biblical Studies and Theology and has attended many other colleges/universities including the University of Alabama, the George C Wallace Community College and the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology.

Larry enjoys spending time with his wife of 35 years, Lena, and their 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. He also enjoys reading the Bible, playing basketball and baseball.  Larry is a member of Bethel AME Church where he is the Associate Minister serving in a circuit of three churches on different Sundays.  He is affiliated with many other groups and is also a member of the Son of Allens where he helps the community and those in need.