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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Daniel M Moreno
ACES Enrollee

ACES Enrollee, Daniel Moreno, has been serving the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Field Office in Sterling, Colorado as an Engineering Technician since March 2012.

He is responsible for setting up training plans for individuals with minimal experience in surveying, design and checkout of conservation practices. Additionally, he works on designs for neighboring offices, reviews their plans, provides guidance and answers any questions. Most recently, he has been focused on mentoring younger employees and teaching them the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of engineering work, “I really enjoy working with the younger people. I work with 16 field offices that are located in Area 2.”

Prior to the joining the ACES Program, Dan was employed with the NRCS as an Civil Engineering Technician before retiring and worked on complex designs, had multi-county responsibilities and traveled to neighboring field offices providing on the job training to fellow employees.  He is essentially doing similar work with the ACES Program now but it involves less travel, “I heard of the ACES program prior to retirement and thought that might work for me.  When I was asked to come back on a part-time basis, it was hard for me to turn it down.” He appreciates that he is still heavily involved with conservation, working with the younger staff and enjoys the flexible hours during the week.

Dan graduated from Northeastern Junior College with an AA Degree and was working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy, when he was offered a full time position with the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) which is now the NRCS.  He doesn’t regret not finishing the Bachelor’s Degree and says “being involved in the actual design and installment of a successful conservation practice is pretty much rewarding in itself.” 

When not providing engineering expertise for the NRCS, Dan volunteers with the Sterling Lions Club International for a program that provides free vision tests and glasses for preschoolers, “we collect used eyeglasses and sort them by prescription; they are then shipped all around the world to individuals who can really use them.” He also enjoys playing golf (every Wednesday afternoon), doing yard work, catching up on projects, reading, and plans to attend a Colorado Rockies game this summer.