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Open Positions in Kansas

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ID: SKS-137 Location: Lenexa Program: SEE
Wage/Hr: $12.72 Hours/Week: 40 Minimum Age: 55

BA/BS Degree in Geology / Hydrogeology OR Minimum of 5 year(s) of experience in Geology / Hydrogeology

  • Field experience with conducting or overseeing site contaminant investigations and monitoring well installation and sampling; working familiarity with RCRA statutes, regulations, and guidance; excellent oral and written communication skills; skill in negotiating and dealing diplomatically with difficult people and situations; and training in use of statistical procedures.
  • Experience required with Windows, Fax, Copying Machine, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access
  • PowerPoint, Scanner

Selectee will provide in-house hydrogeologic technical support to EPA RCRA project managers and, to a lesser extent, our state partners on the characterization and cleanup of contaminated sites.

  • Review site characterization reports to verify work plans have been followed and contaminant extent has been adequately defined    25%
  • Review facility investigation work plans designed to identify presence and define the extent of groundwater and soil contamination and assess their adequacy    20%
  • Evaluate proposed well installation and sampling methodologies for adequacy and consistency with EPA requirements.    20%
  • Review reports evaluating remedial alternatives for addressing site cleanup and assess the appropriateness of report recommendations    15%
  • Provide hydrogeologic technical support to state partners on an as-needed basis    10%
  • Conduct statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data to assess need for corrective action or verify attainment of remials objectives    5%
  • Conduct field oversight of monitoring well installation, well development, and groundwater sampling    3%
  • Collect split samples to independently check contractor lab performance    1%
  • Review groundwater/contaminant transport models for use of appropriate input parameters and ability to simulate actual field conditions    1%

  • Overnight travel: 1-2 days per month
  • Rental cars: To conduct facility visits - SEE could utilize rentals versus POV
  • Health Safety Training: The SEE Enrollee will need to conduct site visits at RCRA facilities that are conducting corrective action activities. The SEE Enrollee will need to complete the 8-hour Field Health & Safety Refresher annually.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: The SEE Enrollee will be required to complete the 24 hour Health & Safety training before performing site visits.
  • This position will only require a baseline (entry) exam and an exit exam, per the monitor's instructions.
  • Required Safety Gear: hardhat, gloves, safety glasses, steel-toed shoes
  • Safety Gear Use: Conducting site visits at RCRA facilities.
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