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Open Positions in Alabama

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Assistant Lab Technician (must be age 55+)
ID: SAL-111 Location: Montgomery Program: SEE
Wage/Hr: $10.30 Hours/Week: 40 Minimum Age: 55

AA Degree in Natural Sciences, Math OR Minimum of 5 year(s) of experience in Lab Work or Process Control of Measurement Systems Previously completed training in MS Office

  • Experience required with Windows, Copying Machine, Multiple Phone Lines, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access
  • Microsoft Outlook; Scanner

This person will have duties in the Center for Environmental Monitoring (CEM). The person will maintain an inventory of supplies to resupply "Volunteers" who operate the RadNet Air Monitoring Network. Performs weekly/monthly Health & Safety support functions for the RERT Building 1502 and assist the Radon Program Manager in the transfer of the EPA Radon Program to NAREL and assist in its daily operation and quality systems checks.

  • Assists Facilities in the weekly/monthly safety inspections of eyewash, emergency showers and fire extinguishers as well as maintain the SDS (MSDS) binders for chemicals in the MERL and RERT Building 1502.    10%
  • Maintains adequate inventory levels to fill supply request for the RadNet Monitoring Network.    30%
  • Packs and ships requested supplies to the operators of the RadNet air, drinking water, precipitation and milk monitoring stations.    30%
  • Tracks the usage and delivery of supplies to the RadNet monitoring station operators and collects information to update the contact database.    5%
  • Generates weekly reports for the RadNet program as requested.    5%
  • Assist the Radon Program Manager in the transfer of the EPA's Radon Program to NAREL. Assists with setting up and making operational the Radon Gas Calibration System. Assists in systems testing, verification and validation of the quality system and monitors the performance checks required for the Radon programs daily operation.    20%

  • Information Security, Lab Safety and any EPA-directed and funded training.
  • On the job training as well as in-house training sponsored by NAREL.
  • Overnight travel: 5 days
  • Air travel anticipated: 5 days
  • Health Safety Training: General Health and Safety training for performing in a laboratory environment. Principles of Forklift Operation for occasional forklift use. NAREL Radiation Safety training for working with sealed radioactive sources and TLD use.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: Training will be provided by the NAREL Safety, Health & Environmental Management (SHEM) staff, the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and forklift operation by a "Train the Trainer" Forklift instructor.
  • Lifting equipment/supplies weighing up to 40 pounds, climbing stairways/steps and working in heat and cold at times.
  • Potential for low dosage radiation exposure and exposure to some acids and preservatives.
  • Required Safety Gear: Safety glasses, gloves, laboratory coats, Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD).
  • Safety Gear Use: The TLD will be used when working with low dose calibration sources. The gloves, safety glasses or face shield will be used for chemical preparation under a fume Hood.
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