Barbara Ewell, Washington, DC. SEE Enrollee

Barbara Ewell, Washington, DC. SEE Enrollee

Barbara Ewell, is a SEE enrollee of NOWCC for EPA, Headquarters in Washington, DC. Barbara has been working with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) Scientific Advisory Panel Staff in the Office of Science Coordination and Policy for almost three years.  She provides technical administrative support, primarily in LOTUS NOTES, EXCEL, MICROSOFT WORD and other software applications.  Barbara’s monitor, Ms. Laura Bailey says that Barbara’s knowledge of the computer and utilizing the computer programs to accomplish a myriad of assignments has proven to be extremely beneficial to the team.  Her creative skills and pleasant personality are an asset to the office.

Prior to joining the SEE Program, and after she graduated from Computer Learning Center (CLC), Barbara worked for John Slade Consultants, Inc.  This new company had its first contract with the Department of Defense (DOD) where Barbara utilized her CLC training.  She worked the full term of the DOD 5 year contract.  Barbara later worked as a contractor on the Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, DynCorp and CSC companies with contracts for EPA starting back in 1999 to 2010.  She has a knowledge of Lotus Notes Configuration and setup for EPA’s IT environment. She uses her expertise to assist in resetting passwords, configuring preference settings, troubleshooting email, sending and receiving problems, solving calendar issues and helping users with their Notes Local Address Book. Barbara also works with remote access connection to user’s workstations to solve software problems or install software.

Barbara attended CLC at the young age of 42 (She had not seen a computer until then). From CLC she received an Electronics Certificate. While working, Barbara attended CNA Certification Classes at ICON, in McLean, VA and received a certificate as a Certified Novel Administrator. She also attended WordPerfect classes and a few months later she began teaching WordPerfect Classes to EPA Users.

Barbara recalls when she worked as a MDS Helpdesk employee at the EPA Water Side Towers, she met many NOWCC Enrollees. They were so happy and content with the work they were doing for EPA.  In 2012 she had the opportunity to be interviewed for the SEE Program and was selected to work with the Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) staff a week later.  Working with the SAP team has given her the opportunity to use her Lotus Notes skills, Helpdesk Skills, and knowledge of other software applications. It has been a rewarding experience.

Barbara is a member of the Mount Olive Church in Centreville, VA. She is passionate about her service as an Usher in her home church. She can remember as a teenager walking with her family to this same church on a dusty dirt road a “few years back”.

She is truly an asset to the Office of Science Coordination and Policy as well as a productive and highly regarded SEE Program Participant.