How it Works

pagetest5An Experienced Worker Program is a flexible, scalable and cost effective workforce resource to help the agency accomplish its mission and annual goals.

It enables the agency to:

– address the issue of “brain-drain” as experienced workers retire,

– provides the opportunity for the agency to utilize former employees and other experienced workers for projects, seasonal work or to help on a longer-term basis,

– provides opportunities for newer agency staff to learn from the institutional knowledge of returning workers, or those with a lifetime of achieving results,

– enables the agency to more flexibly plan for and effectively manage their workforce needs.

Roles and Responsibilities
NOWCC is responsible for recruiting, enrolling, administering payroll and benefits, and handling any performance-related issues.

The Agency is responsible for interviewing and selecting a preferred applicant, overseeing the day-to-day work of the enrollees, providing a safe work environment and any tools, equipment, or supplies, and working with NOWCC in resolving any issues.

Experienced workers participating in the Program are called enrollees and are not considered federal employees. They receive benefits, such as sick and annual leave, holiday pay, health insurance, etc. as determined by the Agency. NOWCC administers payroll and benefits, and at the end of the year provides W-2 to the enrollees.

What Clients Say About Our Experienced Workers:

“Enrollees know what needs to be done, they don’t need to be trained and closely monitored”

“Enrollees know the ropes and can mentor new hires”

“Enrollees help with the workload that federal staff are not always able to accomplish, for example following up with a farmer, writing conservation plans, etc.”

“They can work without concerns about reductions in their retirement benefits,” i.e. there is no dual compensation off-set from a federal annuity.