Gary Monroe, Former NV ACES Enrollee

Gary Monroe, Former NV ACES Enrollee

Gary Monroe of Reno, NV learned about the ACES program while volunteering as an Earth Team Volunteer with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Gary received a Bachelor Degree in Agronomy from Washington State University in 1962. During the summers of his last two years in college, he was a soil scientist student trainee with the Soil Conservation Service in Idaho. Following graduation, he went to work for the Soil Conservation Service as a soil scientist, predominately on the Snake River Plain Area of Southern Idaho. He was also a member of the National Guard for 15 years in Washington and Idaho. He came to the Nevada State NRCS Office in 1978 and worked on editing soil series descriptions, Soil Survey Manuscripts and inputting data into the National Soil Information System (NASIS) program, then retired in 1993 as a soil scientist after 33 years.

Because of Gary’s extensive knowledge and as a former soil scientist, he made sure that the soil description received from the “field” was correct and he made any necessary edits prior to inputting data into the NASIS where it could be retrieved by other people.

The most challenging aspect of Gary’s job was deciphering the information collected and submitted by the “field”.

Gary’s monitor, Tom Champa says:   “Gary was quite an asset to the Soil Survey Program in Nevada.  He had the tedious task of editing the official soil profile descriptions populated in the National Soils Information Database (NASIS) which would include updating the data to present standards and editing site locations.  In addition I have used his photography expertise on several occasions for numerous Soil Health Demonstrations/Presentations.”

Gary’s major hobby was photographing wild flowers. In his back yard, he grows wildflowers native to the western United States. Each year, he sends the photographs to the NRCS National Plant Data Center for inclusion into the National Plants Database.  He travels throughout the western states taking photos. Gary is a member of the Friends of the Jepson Herbarium, the California Native Plant Society, the American Penstemon Society, the Eriogonum Society and the Nevada Native Plant Society. Many of his photographs are included in CalPhotos; an online database of natural history photographs, including many useful for identifying wildlife and is maintained by the University of California and the National Plants Database.

Please use the following links to review some of Gary’s work which includes thousands of his plant photos, their scientific and common names, symbols, geographic locations, etc.:

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