Jean Bethea, VA SEE Enrollee

Jean Bethea, VA SEE Enrollee

Jean Bethea, an enrollee with NOWCC, joined the Environmental Fate and Effects Division (EFED) in EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs in 2011, as an Administrative Assistant for EFED’s Immediate Office. Since Jean came on board, she has been an integral member of EFED, providing outstanding support for the Immediate Office. Jean works tirelessly to manage the busy daily meeting schedules and calendars for the EFED Director and two Associate Directors and is always willing and able to take on any needed tasks. In addition, Jean supports the EFED Senior Managers by scheduling interviews and ensuring that materials for meetings are made available. Jean is a member of EFED’s Tracking Team where she uploads tracking documents into the EFED Chemical files. She routinely greets and escorts visitors and external stakeholders to the office, always with a cheery disposition. Most recently, Jean volunteered as one of EFED’s representatives for the “Feds Feeds Families” campaign and organized an EFED Coffee Shop fundraiser, which resulted in over 675 lbs. of donated food contributions. Jean is extremely professional and consistently provides outstanding and timely support to EFED’s management team and staff. She has been recognized for her quality performance with a Customer Service Award and a Quality of Worklife Award by the Division Director.

Prior to Jean retiring from the law firm of Keller and Heckman, (K&H) she was responsible for preparing filings to the EPA. These filings contained extensive reporting information on the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) for new chemicals on behalf of the firm’s clients. After the firm’s scientist and lawyers provided all the necessary background information, it was her job to put those packages together for submission to the EPA. She also handled the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) filings to the EPA on behalf of the Firm’s clients. The pesticides had to be registered with the EPA and the data requirements associated with the pesticides and labeling be submitted to the EPA for their decisions.

After retiring from the law firm of K&H, Jean moved to Raleigh, NC at the request of her two children. After a few months of boredom, Jean went job hunting and found employment at Duke University in Durham, NC. A year passed and both of her children moved to other states. She then moved back to the DC area and soon thereafter, Jean became enrolled in the SEE Program at EPA, working for the Office of Pesticide Programs/EFED Division. She appreciates the fact that NOWCC has enabled her to continue working as an experienced worker. She feels gratified each day that she’s able to contribute, using her past experiences. Being a senior presents many challenges on a daily basis; however, in light of this, she trusts that she will continue to make a contribution to the program.

Some of Jean’s prior jobs in the Federal government include the US Customs Service – Customs Officer/EEO Counselor, Department of Defense-Budget Analyst, Bolling Air Force Base- Accounting Technician.

Other activities that she passionately partakes in are vegetarian cooking classes, step dancing, and caring for house plants, which include many orchid plants.