Open Positions in TX

Please review the openings listed below. Clicking on a Reference Code # or Title will bring up details for the opening.

Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Program
ADC-021 Fort Worth Economist (ESC) $38.48 ACE
ADC-022 Fort Worth Economist (ESC) $38.48 ACE
ATX-002 Caldwell Soil Conservation Technician $17.00 ACE
STX-142 Dallas Regional Emergency Operations Center Data Specialist $12.72 SEE
STX-145 Dallas Removal & Response Budget Cost & Procurement $12.72 SEE
STX-147 Dallas Inspection Assistant/Outreach $12.72 SEE
STX-149 Dallas Communication/Technical Support -Resources Mgmt. Branch $12.72 SEE
STX-150 Dallas Technical Assistant for Budgeting and Site Management $12.72 SEE
STX-151 Dallas Program Support Specialist $12.72 SEE
STX-154 Dallas Program Assistant $12.72 SEE
STX-158 Dallas Database Support $12.72 SEE
STX-159 Dallas Pesticides/Lead Poison Control $12.72 SEE
STX-160 Dallas Communication/Technical Support - Air & Radiation Div. $12.72 SEE
STX-161 Dallas Inspector $12.72 SEE

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