Open Positions

Please review the openings listed below. Clicking on a Reference Code # or Title will bring up details for the opening.

Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Program
SKS-187 Lenexa, KS Operations Support Assistant $12.72 SEE
NASS-WFO-001 Sacramento, CA Statistician $54.00 NASS
SCA-516 San Francisco, CA Air and Radiation Division Policy and Regulation Support $16.32 SEE
ACA-028 Merced, CA Conservation Planner $19.58 ACE
SCO-862 Denver, CO OCEFT and RMS Professional Support $14.77 SEE
NASS-ITD-005 Washington, DC Salesforce Developer $52.00 NASS
SVA-199 Arlington, VA Database Support $12.72 SEE
SVA-200 Arlington, VA Database Support $12.72 SEE
STX-167 Dallas, TX Research and Program Support $12.72 SEE
SIA-105 Des Moines, IA Civil / Municipal Engineer $12.72 SEE
SCA-492 San Francisco, CA Air Division Professional Support (SCA-492) $16.32 SEE
SKS-177 Lenexa, KS Information Management Specialist $12.72 SEE
STX-145 Dallas, TX Removal and Response Budget Cost and Procurement $12.72 SEE
AMN-021 Gaylord, MN Farm Bill Technician Aid $14.63 ACE
AMN-023 Windom, MN Civil Engineering Technician $19.58 ACE
AMN-034 Crookston, MN Farm Bill Technician Aide $14.63 ACE
AMN-038 Le Center, MN Farm Bill Technician Aide $11.33 ACE
AMN-042 Redwood Falls, MN Farm Bill Technician Aide $14.63 ACE
AMN-043 Roseau, MN Farm Bill Technician Aide $14.63 ACE
AMN-046 Waite Park, MN Farm Bill Technician Aide $14.63 ACE
AMN-047 Saint Paul, MN Easement Support Technician $19.58 ACE
SCO-843 Denver, CO Executive Legal Assistant $14.77 SEE
SNJ-109 Edison, NJ Emergency Planning Support for EPA $12.72 SEE
SMA-109 Boston, MA Environmental Scientist/Engineer $13.50 SEE
SMA-110 Boston, MA Environmental Scientist or Engineer $13.50 SEE
SAL-121 Montgomery, AL Lab Assistant - Sample Receipt & Prep $10.30 SEE
AID-013 Grangeville, ID Conservation Planner $19.58 ACE
F2DCR11-001 TBD, DC Incident Commander Coach and Mentor $50.00 FOREST
AMN-055 St. Paul, MN Economist $27.71 ACE
STX-162 Dallas, TX Multi-Program Outreach and Support $12.72 SEE
NPSGATE001-002 Staten Island, NY Program Analyst $48.30 NPS
AND-017 Bismarck, ND Soil Health Specialist $23.00 ACE
STX-164 Dallas, TX Lead Based Paint Inspector $12.72 SEE
B20534-001 Dillon, MT Realty Specialist $31.00 BLM
AMN-057 Saint Paul, MN ACEP Field Compliance Specialist $27.71 ACE
NASS-NOD-003 Olivette, MO Programmer/Survey Statistician $35.00 NASS
NASS-NOD-004 Olivette, MO Statistical Assistant $24.00 NASS
NASS-NOD-005 Olivette, MO Statistical Assistant $24.00 NASS
F36ORR6-001 Portland, OR Program Analyst #1 $45.00 FOREST
F36ORR6-002 Portland, OR Program Analyst #2 $45.00 FOREST
F36ORR6-003 Portland, OR Program Analyst #3 $45.00 FOREST
F36ORR6-004 Portland, OR Program Analyst #4 $30.00 FOREST
F1DCR25-001 Washington, DC Grants & Agreement Support Technician #1 $49.99 FOREST
F1DCR25-002 Washington, DC Grants & Agreement Support Technician #2 $49.99 FOREST
F1DCR25-003 Washington, DC Grants & Agreement Support Technician #3 $49.99 FOREST
F1DCR25-004 Washington, DC Grants & Agreement Support Technician #4 $49.99 FOREST
ARS-PA-003 Fargo, ND Facilities & Engineering Assistant $20.00 ARS
SKS-193 Lenexa, KS LCRD Tribal Circuit Rider $12.72 SEE
AIL-011 Champaign, IL Soil Conservation Technician $14.16 ACE
NPSRTCA-001-003 Philadelphia, PA Landscape Architect/Planner $50.00 NPS
F1UTR4-137 Ogden, UT Realty Specialist $37.00 FOREST
AGA-060 Sandersville, GA Technical Support $11.33 ACE
SCA-519 San Francisco, CA Software and Database Support $16.32 SEE
SCA-520 San Francisco, CA Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Technical Support $16.32 SEE
EISD-014 Washington, DC Graphic Design Support $29.00 ERS
NPSHPTC-001-016 Harpers Ferry, WV 508 Accessibility Training Coordinator $40.00 NPS
NPSHPTC-001-017 Harpers Ferry, WV Instructional Systems Designer $60.00 NPS
NPSHPTC-001-018 Harpers Ferry, WV Virtual Meeting Support Technician $40.00 NPS
BNVSO6NV-004 Reno, NV Cadastral Wilderness Support $70.00 BLM
B2110086DC-001 Washington, DC Project Manager $40.00 BLM
NPSIMR-002-001 Lakewood, CO FOIA Specialist $30.00 NPS
FW1502-MN-002 Bloomington, MN Biologist – NEPA and HCP Development $45.00 FWS
FW1502-IL-003 Moline, IL Biologist – NEPA and HCP Support $38.00 FWS
NASS-NOD-010 Olivette, MO Mail Equipment Operator $16.50 NASS
ADC-029 ANY CITY/TBD, VA Program Specialist $50.00 ACE
FW1505-AL-001 Fairhope, AL Civil or Environmental Engineer $47.00 FWS
NPSLYJO-001-001 Johnson City, TX Move Conservator $70.00 NPS
SVA-198 Arlington, VA Administrative Support $10.30 SEE
NPSCR-PHP-001 Washington, DC Records Specialist/Website Developer $40.00 NPS
F1IDR4-140 Boise, ID NEPA and Litigation Consultant $71.92 FOREST
F24DCR13-001 Washington, DC Archaeologist $35.00 FOREST
F50SDR2-002 Custer, SD Lands and Special Uses Specialist $65.00 FOREST
NPSFRLA-001-001 Brookline, MA Landscape Preservationist 1 $60.00 NPS
F24DCR13-002 Washington, DC Architectural Historian $35.00 FOREST
F1CAR27-009 McClellan Park, CA Project Coordinator $50.00 FOREST
F1CAR27-010 Davis, CA Recruitment Outreach Coordinator $35.00 FOREST
F1CAR27-011 Davis, CA Engineering Project Planner $50.00 FOREST
BUTVFOUT-001 Salt Lake City, UT Lands & Realty Permitting Specialist $45.00 BLM
AVA-044 Harrisonburg, VA Conservation Assistant $13.13 ACE
FW1506-FL-001 Hobe Sound, FL Park Ranger Technician / Fee Collector $15.00 FWS
FW1506-FL-002 Boynton Beach, FL Park Ranger Technician/Fee Collector $15.00 FWS
SVA-201 Arlington, VA Chemist Support $12.72 SEE
FW1508-CA-001 Ventura, CA Office Assistant $21.51 FWS
NPSCR-PHP-002 Washington, DC 508 Compliance Specialist $25.00 NPS
NPSHOSP-001-001 Hot Springs, AR Museum Technician $22.00 NPS
B2110175NM-001 Santa Fe, NM Petroleum Engineer $70.00 BLM

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