Position Details

Conservation Technician

ID: AVA-035 Location: Lexington Program: ACE
Wage/Hr: $13.33 Hours/Week: 24 Minimum Age: 55


AA Degree OR Minimum of 5 year(s) of experience in agricultural related field to include implementation of conservation practices

  • Knowledge of conservation planning related to soil, water, air, plants and animals and addressing associate resource concerns; knowledge of engineering design principles; ability to identify native and non-native plants, knowledge of Farm Bill and State Agricultural Cost Share Programs.
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Experience required with Windows, Fax, Copying Machine, MS Word, MS Excel
  • telephone


Assists soil conservationist or soil conservation or soil conservation technician with survey design, installation, checkout and follow-up (including annual control review) for practices in EQIP, CREP and RCPP program contracts in accordance with NRCS standards and specifications. Also assist with various outreach activities, resource inventory and map production, producing conservation plans, generation of payment forms and following procedures to ensure proper signatures and then sending to Financial Management in Richmond for processing.

  • Works with District Conservationist to develop and write conservation plans using Customer Service Toolkit for Highway Erodible Land Compliance, CTA, and Farm Bill Conservation Programs. Plans include developing alternatives to address soil, water, air, plants, animals and energy resource concerns. Generate farm maps, soils maps and topo maps to facilitate conservation planning and contracting 50%
  • Complete resource inventory for threatened and endangered species reviews, cultural resources reviews, and complete environmental evaluations (CPA-52). Complete cost estimates of proposed projects using appropriate cost lists. 10%
  • Make field visits to meet with producers to determine conservation needs and assist with conservation plan development. Assist with field surveying and data collection for engineering practices. Conduct site inspections of on-going projects to assure that practices being installed meet specifications. Conduct field visits to document, photograph, measure, and inspect completed engineering and non-engineering conservation practices. 35%
  • Participate in outreach events and Distribute outreach materials to individuals and groups 5%


  • computer security, annual ethics, civil rights training, etc) Complete Annual Computer Security & Privacy Basics Training
  • Use of NRCS software - Customer Service ToolKit, ArcGIS, RUSEL2, and Conservation Desktop. On the Job Training will be provided for Farm Bill programs, assessing customer's objectives, assessing natural resources and impacts to natural resources, installation of conservation practices, and documentation of completed conservation practices.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: Enrollee must ensure safety and health precautions are adhered to including reporting safety hazards, wearing seatbelts in automobiles, wearing hardhats on construction sites, etc. Walking through woods areas will require training in basic first aid for tick and snake bites, an orientation session on the importance of proper wearing apparel such as long sleeve shirts, boots, and sun screen. Enrollee must ensure safety and health precautions are adhered to including reporting safety hazards, wearing seatbelts in automobiles, and use of defensive driving techniques when operating a government vehicle. Initial orientation session and then periodic follow-up
  • Required Safety Gear: Hard hats are required on construction sites. The work involves regular and recurring exposure to operating agricultural equipment or earth moving operations, adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat and unimproved roads. Protective equipment is necessary on construction sites.

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