Position Details

Silviculture Mentor

ID: F7WAR6-002 Location: Vancouver, WA Agency: FS
Wage/Hr: $40.00 Hours/Week: 29 Minimum Age: 55


Primary responsibility is to provide mentoring and coaching to Vegetation Program Manager/Silviculturalist detailers and ultimately the permanent employees. Secondary responsibility is to provide mentoring and coaching to Certified Silviculturists on the Forest and in Region 6 on request.

  • Program management: Provides technical assistance on programmatic, technical, and budgetary aspects of vegetation management activities in support of forest direction and land management plans. Provides assistance on managing the budget for the following trust funds: RTRT, TPBP, SCSC and CWKV. Provides technical assistance in managing Forest Service NRM databases FACTS, FSVeg, FSVeg Spatial, and FSVeg Data Analayzer. 45%
  • Examinations and analysis: Provides assistance in stand inventory, including making sure Trainee acquires Common Stand Exam Protocols and forest sampling training and experience. Supports Silviculturists in making on-the-ground examinations and analyses of forest areas to determine which areas requires short- or long-range cultural treatments. 10%
  • Reforestation: Provides mentoring on reforestation projects, including techniques in planting, site preparation and reports. 10%
  • Silviculture Prescription: Reviews silviculture diagnosis and prescriptions in the field to ensure that plans, treatment, and harvesting techniques are compatible with long-range land management plans. Help prescribe cutting practices based on an examination of stand conditions or other resource requirements. 15%
  • Stand Improvement: Helps Silviculturists coordinate and evaluate the stand improvement program on a unit; helps prescribe cutting practices based on an examination of stand conditions or other resource requirements. 10%
  • Timber Sale preparation and Sale Administration: Provides Silviculturist support in developing marking guides for timber sales. 5%
  • NEPA Document Provides project assistance in preparation and review of silviculture reports for environmental analyses and environmental impact statements. 5%


BA/BS Degree in Agriculture, natural resources, agronomy or related field of study OR Minimum of 15 year(s) of experience in related field

  • Must have been certified as a silviculturist by the U.S. Forest Service and must have been employed as a Forest Silviculturist by the U.S. Forest Service for at least one year.
  • Must possess:
  • Knowledge of professional forester land management principles, practices, and concepts sufficient to perform a full range of duties in the development and implementation of silvicultural land management treatments.
  • Knowledge of silvics, dendrology, reforestation methods, timber stand improvement principles and techniques, and harvest systems; familiarity with related fields such as wildlife, landscape architecture, plant genetics, hydrology, and soil science sufficient to develop silvicultural prescriptions which provide solutions to complex problems covering an array of environmental objectives.
  • Knowledge of the interrelationship of physical factors (including climate characteristics such as temperature, precipitation, and movement and composition of the air, and soil conditions such as texture, structure and depth, moisture capacity and drainage, and nutrient content) and biological planting and seeding programs, including the inventory of plantable areas.
  • Knowledge of, and experience with the Silviculture Certification requirements and process as administered by the Forest Service.
  • Knowledge of Agency policies and procedures sufficient to ensure that silvicultural plans and programs are consistent with such policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of Forest Service databases necessary for managing a forest vegetation program.
  • Experience required with Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS), Field Sampled Vegetation (FSVEG), Forest Service Activity Tracking System (FACTS)
  • Work Plan


  • FSVEG, FVS, and FACTS training and assistance will be available.
  • Joseph Gates, Forest Silviculturist will provide basic refreshers as needed
  • Overnight travel: May require overnight stays near field locations 3-4 times total.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: Review of Job Hazard Analysis for the activity at the field location.
  • Required Safety Gear: Hard Hat, field boots, and gloves.
  • Safety Gear Use: Hard hat, boots, and gloves will be required while out of the vehicle and in the woods working. Safety vest will be required as per the JHA, if in the field during rifle hunting season.

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