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Position Details

Cadastral Office Support #2

ID: B20242AK-002 Location: Anchorage, AK Agency: BLM
Wage/Hr: $65.00 Hours/Week: 20-30 Minimum Age: 55


Assist Alaska Cadastral Staff fulfill a combination of legislatively mandated (34 Stat. 197, P.L 85-508, U.S.C. 1601, P.L. 105-276, P.L. 116-9) and requested surveys necessary to protect public interests. Tasks will also include assistance with the development of Cadastral products required by Departmental/Agency Manuals (303 DM7, 600 OMS, MS-6120, MS-9600) and customer driven Cadastral services; when applicable, all work must be in accordance with the relevant Manual of Survey Instructions, regulations governing cadastral surveys, and agency policies. The enrollees associated with this project will: assist with the development of official maps and legal descriptions; assist with the preparation of Cadastral products (special instructions, assignment instructions, supplemental plats, official survey returns, Land Surveyor Reports, etc.); and assist with administrative, and technical requirements necessary to approve Cadastral products. The enrollees will also provide mentorship, training and knowledge transfer to current Cadastral staff.

  • Assist full time Federal employees with the performance of legal, administrative and technical examinations of cadastral surveys, supplemental plats, administrative surveys and protraction diagrams that are prepared by the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. Review accuracy of full time Federal employee examinations of official surveys, administrative surveys, protraction diagrams and Land Surveyor Reports for compliance to policy, statutory requirements and judicial interpretations. Project specific work required under Department Manual (303 DM7, 600 OMS). This workload will be intermittent. Federal agencies and Tribal customers request boundary evidence evaluation projects from the BLM. Alaska State Office Cadastral Survey staff will assign projects and monitor completion. The enrollees will research complicated land survey and land status issues, prepare or perform quality assurance on boundary evidence documents, and submit reports of findings and recommendations to the BLM. 60%
  • Assist with the preparation of Cadastral Survey Special Instructions, Assignment Instructions, Supplemental Plats, and Survey Returns (Draft field notes and Plats). 10%
  • Mentorship and training of staff, demonstrating good judgment and professionalism required. 30%


Minimum of 15 year(s) of experience in Federal Land Surveying or equivalent OR BA/BS Degree in Land Surveyor or equivalent.

  • Professional experience working as a Federal Land Surveyor or a State Licensed Professional Land Surveyor processing and/or examining Federal authority surveys conduced under Bureau of Land Management jurisdiction.
  • Experience required with Windows, ARCVIEW (GIS)
  • -Power Point is a bonus, but not necessary. Illustrations and training material can be prepared using alternate methods. -AutoCad and/or Coordinate Geometry Software. -GPS Processing Software.


  • Safety Gear Use: The work is primarily sedentary in nature, it can require: standing, walking, stooping, reaching, and lifting and carrying of small packages.

NOWCC is committed to promoting equal opportunity and to an environment free from discrimination and harassment in any form when hiring and administering Experienced Worker Programs under cooperative agreements with federal agencies. It is NOWCC’s policy to comply with all applicable laws that provide equal opportunity and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in hiring enrollees in the federal programs.

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