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Position Details

Learning and Development Specialist

ID: NPSUSPP-001-008 Location: Washington, DC Agency: NPS
Wage/Hr: $35.00 Hours/Week: 40/week Minimum Age: 55

This position is eligible for telework during COVID-19.


The enrollee will provide instructional systems design experience to develop training programs within the United States Park Police.

  • Planning, coordinating, and developing components of instructional design based on the findings of occupational analysis, the enrollee will determine the learning objectives and task learning relationships, cluster learning events, organize course content, and develop instruction design plans; analyze learning problems, select teaching strategies using appropriate models, and develop course plans using this information; identify tasks that can be efficiently and effectively supported by job or skill performance aids; select suitable performance measures or develop new measures required to document effectiveness; develop learning maps and perform learning analyses from the initial training levels through the operating levels of tasks or jobs; derive performance objectives and criterion test items; and use a systems approach to training. Developing, reviewing, and revising instructional materials for courses or occupations in accordance with specific learning objectives, the enrollee will plan and organize the work, determine possible sources of information, and conduct fact finding; develop or revise the specific content, organization, style, format, emphasis, and treatment of each segment of the instructional courses or systems; and develop finished products including lesson plans, training texts, programmed texts, or computer assisted instruction. 30%
  • Designing or developing criteria for designing training aids and devices based on needs analysis of the instruction systems, the enrollee will confer with curriculum designers, course writers, instructors, and subject-matter specialists to coordinate instruction system analysis leading to producing (a) computer assisted instruction, videos, and other audiovisual materials or special training devices, or (b) equipment, such as simulators, test equipment, and mockups; and prepare instructions for using training aids considering training objectives and tie-in with instructional materials. 20%
  • Planning, coordinating, developing, reviewing, or evaluating education or training programs for total support; i.e., personnel, equipment, facilities, budget, and other resource requirements, the enrollee will determine the requirements for specific courses and their relative priority in view of time and resources available, projected schedules, and relationship to the objectives of the total training program; specify the time and emphasis given each unit or module of study in terms of training objectives and continuity; coordinate and integrate the types and capabilities of instructional methods, materials, and media; study technical reference materials in the subject field; follow up on course and program graduates; consult with subject-matter specialists; obtain input from accrediting agencies; obtain evaluations by students and instructors; and continually review developments in the fields of education and training. 20%
  • Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the total instructional program of the department, the enrollee will evaluate all aspects of education and training programs, including: administrative policies and procedures, curricula, instructional methods and techniques, qualifications of staff and faculty, adequacy and utilization of training aids and devices, facilities, equipment, testing, and student counseling; and use such techniques as: needs analysis; statistical validation of tests; comparative studies of the progress of various categories of students; and observation of instructional methods including the use of training devices, equipment and facilities. 20%
  • The enrollee will serve as a system administrator for the agency’s computerized Learning Management System. This will include creating virtual courses as well inputting attendance of traditional in-person courses. The incumbent will also perform basic administrative duties such as classroom scheduling, managing training records, and responding to transcript requests. 10%


BA/BS Degree in Learning theory, psychology of learning, instructional design practices/product development, and related fields.

  • Experience administering virtual training platforms such as GoToWebinar and WebEx as well as computerized Learning Management Systems.
  • Your resume must demonstrate that you have at least five years of specialized experience planning and coordinating components of instructional design based on the findings of occupational analysis, developing innovative and effective methods for education or training program improvements, reviewing and revising instructional materials for courses or occupations in accordance with specific learning objectives, and conducting analyses of occupational areas or jobs to determine the requirements for revision of existing instructional systems or development of new training programs.
  • You must also have at least five years of specialized experience in a law enforcement related field such as law enforcement, corrections, criminal law/courts, law enforcement training instruction, or military training instruction. Law enforcement experience and instructional design experience may be simultaneous.
  • Experience required with Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point
  • Adobe Acrpbat, Microsoft Teams and Outlook


  • NPS Learning Management System, FLETC Instructional Systems Design and Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program, if necessary
  • Overnight travel: Potential overnight travel if training course is multi-day.
  • Air travel anticipated: Rarely, if need arises to travel to US Park Police field offices
  • Rental cars: Potential use of rental car if travel requires it.
  • Physical requirements: Work is primarily sedentary and performed at a computer, with potential periods of standing and walking during teaching, and lifting instructional materials.

NOWCC is committed to promoting equal opportunity and to an environment free from discrimination and harassment in any form when hiring and administering Experienced Worker Programs under cooperative agreements with federal agencies. It is NOWCC’s policy to comply with all applicable laws that provide equal opportunity and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in hiring enrollees in the federal programs.

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