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Of Interest

The National Older Worker Career Center - Celebrating 15 Years of Service & Counting

As the largest generation in U.S. history begins its movement into ‘retirement’, employers in both the public and private sectors are beginning to confront a new challenge – the ‘loss of experience.’  The National Older Worker Career Center (NOWCC), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit  headquartered in Arlington, VA, is celebrating its 15 years of experience in building flexible work options to help government agencies address that challenge. NOWCC wishes to use this opportunity to recognize and salute older workers everywhere!

Since 1997, the National Older Worker Career Center (NOWCC) has provided over 15 million hours of dedicated support to federal agencies through the full- and part-time service of its experienced workers 55 years of age and older.  Today, through two unique programs -- the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program (www.SEEProgram.org) operating in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Agricultural Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) Program (www.ACESProgram.org) in the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) of the US Department of Agriculture -- NOWCC recruits and supports over 600 experienced workers to assist those agencies in delivering their important services and programs across America.

From its creation, NOWCC has been committed to promoting the value of the skills, experience, and knowledge of the older worker.  Launched with the help of AARP in September, 1997, NOWCC began operations with a mission that focused on the promotion of an age-diverse workforce through the expansion of employment opportunities for experienced workers.  Over the past 15 years, experienced workers participating in the SEE Program at EPA have assisted the agency through myriad activities, from the cleanup of the Great Lakes to surveys of pesticide use, from database management to internal and external communications.  Since 2005, the experienced workers recruited, placed and supported by NOWCC in the ACES Program have become a critical resource for NRCS in delivering technical and scientific assistance to ranchers and farmers at the local level through the state conservation districts.

With an eye toward the future and a projected shortage of skilled workers, NOWCC is developing  new capabilities to provide non-traditional, flexible options that enable work-ready, dedicated experienced workers to be part of the solution for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce challenges.