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Of Interest

Of Interest

A Warm Farewell To Judy Murray

Judy Murray, the Director of HR & Administration for the past six years, recently retired from NOWCC.  She joined our staff in 2007 after a career working with a number of notable institutions from Key West to the greater Washington metro area.  These included an Office of Public Defender, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Environmental Law Institute and the National Academy of Public Administration.  We were fortunate that she brought to NOWCC a unique set of skills, contacts and aptitudes that was packaged in a warm friendly style.

Over the past six years she was the ‘go to’ person on a wide range of issues, from Human Resources to human relations, from Administration to advice, from planning for a possible office relocation to adding her special flavor to a Holiday party. 
Judy was, and remains, committed to the mission of NOWCC, to the enrollees who demonstrate, on a daily basis, the ‘value of experience,’ and to her colleagues and friends at NOWCC. 

During her six years with us, Judy Murray, through her unique blend of substance and flair, improved the performance of the organization and made NOWCC a better organization.  Judy will be missed, though she promises to visit as her new retirement schedule permits.  We all wish her the best in the adventure that lays ahead.