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E-Timesheet Helpful Tips


Timesheets must be received by NOWCC Payroll Department no later than the Tuesday following the last day of the pay period. The Calendar will reflect these early calls or you will be notified in advance by e-mail.

Submitting Your Timesheet

  • You can fill out and submit your timesheet daily or wait until the end of the pay period and fill out and submit your timesheet for the entire pay period.
  • Clicking on the "Submit" button does not send the timesheet to your monitor, it simply saves it in the system. 
  • Do not pre-fill your timesheet for the days that you have not worked. Only vacation/annual leave hours can be pre-filled in advance.
  • At the end of the pay period, after you submit your timesheet, you must notify your monitor that your timesheet is ready for approval. The ezLaborManager system does not send automatic messages to monitors.

Helpful Hints to Prevent Timesheet Errors

  • Client Name or ID: NOWCC
  • User ID and Password: contact the Payroll Department for this information
  •  If you forget your password or the system locks you out, contact your Field Director or the Payroll Department to have your password reset.
  • Select correct pay period dates at top of timesheet.  
  • Enrollees are not allowed to work on approved holidays or Sundays.
  • The ezLaborManager system does not accept "0" so if you do not work on a particular day, leave the fields blank or enter your authorized hours and select "LWOP" from the Earnings Code column. Weekend days should be left blank, unless you work on those days.
  • All enrollees will be paid for all approved holidays, even if they do not normally work on that day of the week.
  • Holiday pay is pro-rated for enrollees who work less than 80 hours per pay period. To calculate your holiday pay, divide your authorized hours by the 10 days in a pay period and then round up to the next quarter-hour. For example:
  • 60 hours per pay period = 6 hours of holiday pay
  • 36 hours per pay period = 3.75 hours of holiday pay
  • Partial-hours worked must be recorded in quarter-hour increments only (.25  .50  .75). If the hours worked are between quarter hour increments, round up to the next quarter hour increment.
  • You can check your leave balances (Individual Holiday, Vacation and Sick) by clicking on the "My Benefits" tab.

Making Corrections

You can make corrections to your timesheet up to the moment before your monitor approves it.
Once your monitor approves your timesheet, it will become locked.
Once your timesheet is approved only your monitor or the payroll department can make the changes to your timesheet.

Your monitor can also un-approve your timesheet and open it for editing. When you finish making the changes to your timesheet, your monitor has to approve it again.