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Of Interest

Of Interest


NOWCC Staff MembersAs a company that has been built for and by older workers, NOWCC is proud to add our voices to those honoring the older worker this week.  We know first hand that no segment of the labor force is more dedicated and experienced than older workers.  Their contributions to the nation as paid staff and volunteers in both the private and public sectors are immeasurable.  They have proven their versatility as leaders, dependable everyday workers and mentors. 

Employment of older workers contributes to our nation’s economy and fiscal stability in many ways.  For example, by working longer many are able to delay drawing their Social Security benefits, and through their employment older workers are continuing to pay income taxes and are therefore net contributors to the economy.   This means that, in addition to contributing to their employers’ bottom lines, they are helping to stabilize the economy and create a solid foundation for future economic growth.

We would like to introduce you to some of our talented Enrollees who are all over 55 years of age.  Click the link below to learn about their work and accomplishments on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the Department of Agriculture.