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Of Interest

Of Interest

Happy Anniversary NOWCC!

It has been another great year for NOWCC. With over 670 enrollees in the SEE and ACES Programs, we find ourselves busier than ever and always searching for new ways to work more efficiently and cost effectively.

New technology is helping in many ways. This year we acquired a new accounting system which has meant that we are maintaining our high standards of fiscal responsibility while expanding our interface with other systems and NOWCC’s reporting capacity. We have also adopted a more secure, cost effective method of expediting completed enrollment, renewal, and payroll forms. This system is called DocuSign and promises to reduce the paper and manpower required for these reoccurring, repetitious procedures. We also continue to improve our website by looking for ways to make it more interesting to our readers and by showing off our greatest resource, NOWCC enrollees.

Of course, none of our advancements would have happened without a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to which we have added several new faces. We hope you will take a minute to learn more about each of us by checking our staff out under About section.

Happy Anniversary, NOWCC!