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Of Interest

Of Interest

NOWCC: Older and Better

NOWCC is celebrating its 14th anniversary and, as is our custom, we find ourselves in an attitude of reflection about where we have been as an organization and where we hope to be in the future.   

As with any successful organization today, our race to stay current with technology continues.  In an effort to make our servers more secure and electronic communications more efficient, NOWCC has moved to cloud computing.  We are also working on a trio of new websites that will provide better sources of information to the Federal Agencies and Enrollees we serve.  (Stay tuned for an announcement regarding their roll out sometime in the early part of 2012.)

However, as essential as electronic communications are to any organization, it is not the latest and greatest in computers that make us successful.  It is the synergy of talented people that propels us.  It is the Agencies that support NOWCC programs; the very talented and skilled older workers who form the backbone of NOWCC; our committed Board Members who offer invaluable guidance; and the knowledgeable and forward thinking NOWCC staff members who provide the connective tissue to make the programs work.