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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

James D Starr
Former ACES Enrollee

Level 3 ACES Enrollee, James Starr, worked as a forester for the ACES Program in Louisa, Virginia which continued Mr. Starr’s long career in Forestry.

In his ACES position Mr. Starr was assisting in training, evaluating forestry concerns, working on resource management planning, and helping create forestry standards in Virginia.  To that end, a critical component of his position was devoted to building relationships with other state and federal agencies.

Mr. Starr had spent his career working to preserve the forest, starting with a Bachelors of Science for Forest Management from North Carolina State University. He followed that with over 36 years working on conservation programs in several positions within the Virginia Department of Forestry. Mr. Starr started as a County Forester, rising to became the District Forester, moved up to become the Assistant Director of Forest Resource Management Division before becoming the Director. His commitment to conservation and the forests has been a hallmark of his career with the Department, and he continued that lifelong passion through his work with ACES.