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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Marcia Pollard
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Marcia Pollard serves EPA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) administrative assistant. She has worked in the EOC since 2003, providing excellent coordination for the EOC's busy meeting and response schedule. Marcia has done a first class job managing the EOC's purchases, supplies, mail and housekeeping. In addition, Marcia has been the EOC Manager's right hand assistant during emergency activations, providing support and planning for the busy response operation schedule. She is dependable, dedicated and always greets the EOC patrons with a smile. Marcia has quickly proven herself to be an invaluable member of the EOC Team.

Marcia was been with EPA for 10 years. Prior to her employment with NOWCC, Marcia worked in federal service for 25 years with the House of Representatives. She worked 20 years with the Honorable Joseph G. Minish, Democrat from New Jersey and 5 years with Honorable William H. Gray, Democrat from Pennslvania. Prior to working on Capitol Hill Marcia worked in a local Family Therapy Center in Washington, DC.

Her dedicated and bright personality have proved to be a perfect fit for her service to the EPA and the Emergency Operations Center.