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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Angelo M Diana
SEE Enrollee

Mr. Angelo M. Diana, a SEE Enrollee since July 1999, reports to the U.S. EPA’s Office of Emergency Management’s Response and Prevention Bureau Chief of the Technical Support Section. 

In 1982, the state of New Jersey passed a law called the Emergency Planning Community Right to Know Act.  At the time Mr. Diana was plant manager working at Alpha Metals Inc. in Jersey City where he was given the task of ensuring the company was in compliance with the new law.  Many manufacturers in New Jersey were not in compliance at the time the inspections were initiated and therefore got fined.  However, Alpha Metals did not get fined. 

In 1987, Congress passed a law based on the New Jersey law and now all businesses in the country using chemical or hazardous materials must report everything to the state and local fire departments and planning commissions to better prepare firemen and HazMat team members who respond to fires and chemical emergencies. 

When Mr. Diana applied for the open position on the SEE Program eight years later he was already familiar with the requirements.  Mr. Diana has an A.A. in Industrial Chemistry from the Newark College of Engineering, a B.A. in Chemistry from Jersey City State College and an M.B.A. in Industrial Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He is a member of the American Chemical Society. 

Mr. Diana currently conducts EPCRA and Risk Management Plan (RMP) inspections in New Jersey and New York State for EPA.  He compares the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) provided by the plant with the inventory of chemicals on hand for accuracy.  He ensures that information is reflected in the annual chemical inventory reports (required by EPCRA Section 312) to state, county, and local environmental planning committees as well as local fire departments.  In New York state many fire departments are volunteer fire departments and it is especially important for the firemen to know what to expect in response to an emergency at a manufacturing plant.   

In his work as an RMP inspector, Mr. Diana also collects and reports on Extremely Hazardous Substances in inventories such as ammonia and chlorine.  OSHA is responsible for onsite plant Process Safety Management and EPA is responsible for off site consequences.  If Mr. Diana observes extremely hazardous materials, he reports the violation to local Emergency Planning Community Right to Know Committees and informs EPA officials in a report.  He advises and provides companies with the information needed to comply.  Mr. Diana performs 80 to 90 inspections in New York and New Jersey each year.  Recently he visited a number of apple orchards in New York state where reportedly ammonia might be stored in excess of 500 lbs.   Ammonia is a highly toxic material  used in the cooling of apples in storage.  Growers do not always know they need to prepare MSDSs and  keep them up to date and in the hands of local Emergency Planning Committees.

During his time at EPA, Mr. Diana has shown himself to be a resourceful and dedicated inspector.  His extensive knowledge – from both his educational background and his varied work experience - has been of tremendous value to the Agency, as well as to the regulated community.  Angelo puts his heart into his work and over the past eleven years has worked tirelessly to prevent the occurrence of a chemical accident and  increase the preparedness of the first responders in New Jersey and New York. 

Our thanks go out to you, Angelo.