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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Lyn R Townsend
ACES Enrollee

Level 4 ACES Enrollee, Lyn Townsend, supports the California NRCS as a Resource Conservationist/Forester. He develops and reviews forest ecological sites, creates training sessions (e.g. conservation buffers design and windbreak technology/planning), and mentors a small number of NRCS specialists. Currently, his daily work has involved a field reconnaissance of blue oak ecological sites in central California and manuscript review of forest ecological site descriptions (ESDs) for the Lassen National Volcanic Park soil survey.

ESDs provide an ecological succession ‘blueprint’ of unique plant communities correlated to soil components identified during National Cooperative Soil Surveys. They incorporate natural pathways (changes in plant communities due to time and natural disturbances) as well as response to human management, climate change, and environmental extremes such as prolonged drought. Various national parks across the nation have begun to manage park lands and resources to undo impacts (particularly early last century) from direct human use, intensive grazing, and fire suppression. During 2010, Lyn will be interacting and planning with partners interested in cooperating on ecological site technology in California and evaluating the geographic areas with the greatest need for this technology.

Lyn holds a B.S. in Forest Science from Colorado State University and a M.S. in Forest Resources from University of Idaho. He has also done additional graduate work in specialized programs at the University of Montana and Washington State University.  He retired from NRCS after 35 years of service on July 4, 2009 and has an additional 3 years of federal service with the U.S. Army and U.S. Forest Service. Since 1985, he worked nationally and in the western states on forestry and agroforestry technology, training and quality assurance. All of his positions within NRCS included ecological site development from the field to national level. In 2005, Lyn began to accelerate outreach efforts on forest ESD technology and training for western states.

After retirement, Lyn worked as a forestry consultant from August through October 2009 with the Oregon Department of Forestry, NRCS, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Within a group of other consultants and agency representatives, Lyn led the development of Healthy Forest Reserve Program (HFRP) Plans with six landowners in the Eugene, OR area. More information on the HFRP can be found at http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/programs/HFRP/ProgInfo/Index.html.

Lyn has enjoyed his experience with the ACES Program and appreciates being able to work part-time, “being able to work part time fits well with my other activities while still being productive in my area of expertise.”  In addition, Lyn says “it’s great to be working with natural resource conservation specialists in California! I do a lot of road bike riding in ‘North County’ (San Diego County) and enjoy seeing and learning the interplay of ecological succession of native communities.”