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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Bobbie Haskell
SEE Enrollee

Barbara “Bobbie” Haskell is a Level 4 SEE enrollee working in the EPA Region 4 Atlanta, Georgia Office.  Bobbie began working as a contractor employee with EPA in 2001.  As a current Case Developer with the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know (EPCRA) Program, a major aspect of Bobbie’s duties involves daily accessing the National Response Center’s ERNS database and downloading reports pertaining to accidental chemical releases in Region 4.  These reports are then tracked by Bobbie after assignment to the appropriate EPCRA Case Development Officer for potential violations.  Once a violation is identified, Bobbie assists the Case Developer Officer with researching available public information on the company, toward developing an enforcement case.  Bobbie also handles the preparation of all legal enforcement documents pertaining to EPCRA enforcement matters in her Section. 

Although assisting with the development of enforcement cases represents the largest part of Bobbie’s responsibilities, she also coordinates the filing of the case and its placement on the hearing docket with the legal staff.  Another critical responsibility for Bobbie is the review of penalty calculations for accuracy and tracking the payment of penalties. In order to do this, she works closely with the Cincinnati Accounting Operations, as all payments go there.  And, finally, it is also Bobbie’s responsibility to monitor and maintain the national enforcement tracking system for Region 4 EPCRA enforcement cases.

As a former technical writer and a Pre-K teacher for the learning disabled, Bobbie certainly has the requisite skills to be both watchdog and wordsmith for the Environmental Protection Agency.  While Bobbie’s NOWCC position may not provide much of an outlet for her literary creativity, she says that she especially enjoys her position with the NOWCC program because it allows her to contribute to the public on a daily basis and she likes to stay busy.  When she is not working at the EPA for the NOWCC program, Bobbie enjoys time with her four sons and 3 grandchildren who all live in the Atlanta area. 
Of Bobbie’s contributions, Robert Bookman, SEE Program Alternate Monitor, says, “Bobbie continues to be a valuable component to the success of our EPCRA program.  She works enthusiastically and energetically to ensure the success of our environmental commitment to both the regulated community and the general public at large.  We are excited to have Bobbie as a participant on our EPA Region 4 EPCRA team.”