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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Carolyn Cline
SEE Enrollee

Level 3 SEE Enrollee, Carolyn Cline, assists the Groundwater Underground Injection Control (UIC) group in the Region 8 EPA offices in Denver, Colorado. Her current duties are to provide technical and administrative assistance to UIC staff which include overseeing permit applications, database input and research/correspondence activities such as mailings to Tribes located within the Region. 

Ms. Cline’s background in business and education has been very beneficial in her current position with the EPA.  Prior to joining the SEE Program, Ms. Cline worked for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) in Boulder, Colorado.  She has a wide variety of work experience including working in a corporate setting, a public elementary school and Montessori schools in Denver and Boulder, CO. 

Carolyn attains her greatest joy from daily interaction with her coworkers who are diligently involved in EPA’s commitment to clean air, land and water. She feels that the SEE Program affords many opportunities for enrollees to be involved in EPA’s mission and goals.  Her personal stance has always been a “green” one, fitting in quite nicely with the LEED certified EPA offices in Denver. 

Ms. Cline enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren – including twins – that live in the Denver area.