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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Alfred Baginski
SEE Enrollee

Al Baginski is a SEE Enrollee in the Oil & Prevention Branch and has been instrumental in conducting Risk Management Program (RMP) inspections and providing outreach to the regulated community and our state and local partners for over 10 years.  With his trademark bow-tie, Al is the ultimate professional.  He is always willing to help his fellow co-workers whether it’s a technical question or something as little as help with the computer. 

Al conducts inspections at RMP facilities and provides his technical expertise to other programs and Divisions.  He was meticulous in his review of reports and analytical data and his technical knowledge of most all facilities’ processes is most impressive. 

Al is able to work with anyone.  He is willing to go out of his way to help his colleagues.  Al was asked by another Division to lend his expertise on a large multi-media inspection.  Al was able to reschedule a couple of personal and business appointments to accommodate the other Division.  The feedback received from the other Division was outstanding.  They complemented Al not only on his expertise but also on the way he interacted with facility personnel and put them at ease during a fairly lengthy and complex inspection.  In addition, Al’s presence at conferences and other academia presentations is frequently requested.  Al’s reputation of his knowledge of the regulatory and industry side of the regulations makes him a very valuable and sought after speaker.  Al also lends his expertise to the other Programs within the Branch.  When asked, Al will never say no to anyone that asks for his assistance.  He is generous with his time and his knowledge and he is always willing to share his expertise.

While much of Al’s job requires him to be on travel to conduct inspections and then when he’s back in the office he is busy reviewing volumes and volumes of documents, as well as preparing a final inspection reports, Al still finds still finds time to provide invaluable ideas and solutions to the smooth operation of the Branch.  For example, Al developed an example of a Risk Management Plan that he provides to facilities as well as agency personnel who may not be very familiar with the regulations and its requirements.  Al has had great success in increasing the understanding of others regarding the requirements of the RMP regulations based on his “example RMP”.  Al is constantly providing suggestions for Branch retreats and meetings, as well as the overall operations of the Region.  He’s not shy about providing an opinion; and his ideas and suggestions are relevant and valuable to the Agency.  Al is an outstanding member of the Branch, not only for his individual performance but also for his teamwork.

In 2009 Al received the EPA Region III, Hazardous Site Cleanup Division’s SEE of the Year Award for his outstanding job performance.  Al contributed significantly to the overall Branch goals of inspections and compliance assistance.  He never says no to anyone that needs his help.  No task is too much for him.  He enjoys helping out his fellow co-workers and he makes excellent recommends for new ways to make the program run better.  Al can be counted on to expertly handle questions from public and the regulated community.  He is always professional and friendly.  Al is a valuable asset to the Division.