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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

John Eddy
ACES Enrollee

Mr. John I. Eddy began his ACES assignment with NRCS at the Philippi, West Virginia Office in September 2009.  He is a former NRCS Assistant State Conservation Engineer for West Virginia serving in that capacity for five years.  Before that he served as the Area Engineer, the Conservation Engineer and Project Engineer for the Soil Conservation Service in Philippi, West Virginia.  In fact Mr. Eddy had a thirty three year career with the Department of Agriculture. 

Mr. Eddy’s first employment experiences were working on farms and doing landscape work.  Those experiences led him to be an avid conservationist and to have concerns about the environment, as well as having a strong interest in farming. He received his B.S. in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis on Soil and Water Conservation in 1969 from West Virginia University in Morgantown.  He graduated with a Grade Point average qualified by the Soil Conservation service for two GS levels above entry level.  He is also a Registered Professional Civil Engineer and Professional Surveyor in West Virginia.  He received awards in each of the positions he served for Work Performance Exceeding Job Requirements and/or Outstanding Performance and was once WV NRCS Engineer of the Year.  

Mr. Eddy has been retired since 2003 but is happy to get back in the field on a part time bases doing the work he enjoys the most.  As a Conservation Engineer he supports the Area Engineer in visiting and evaluating current and potential construction sites and assesses feasibility and appropriateness of proposed and in-progress agricultural construction.  He assists Area Engineers and Soil Conservation Technicians in the Field Office with surveying, design, and checkout of complex engineering practices including animal waste storage structures. 

"This job has given me an opportunity to return to the kind of work I like, without completely eliminating my free time as a retiree.  I can keep active as an Engineer, assisting farmers with environmental concerns on their operations, and can use the experience and knowledge I gained through my 34+ year career with NRCS/SCS. It allows me to work with several NRCS employees that I knew and worked with when I was a career employee with NRCS.  I was in the Philippi, WV office for 10 years of my career and had a great working relationship, and friendship, with many of the employees that are still here.  Also, the office is located approximately 7 miles from my home along rural roads - a "perfect" commute."