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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Carol M Anderson
SEE Enrollee

Level 4 SEE Enrollee, Carol Anderson, assists the EPA’s NEPA Compliance and Review Program in Denver, CO.  She is responsible for reviewing and rating environmental impact statements in a variety of sectors – water, transportation, energy, and federal lands.

Ms. Anderson works with fellow NEPA reviewers, water and air resources staff in the Ecosystems Protection Program and the Office of Regional Counsel.  An exciting assignment she recently undertook was facilitating a meeting of director-level managers from four federal and two state agencies that work on Colorado water supply projects.  Additionally, she enjoyed providing public participation guidance text for the Environmental Impact Assessment manual being developed by EPA headquarters for mining projects for CAFTA member countries.

For the past 12 years she has been a public involvement and NEPA consultant.  She was the Public Involvement Manager for two multi-national engineering consulting companies and also had her own firm.  Most of her career has been in the environmental world.  Ironically, she worked on the Environmental Assessment for the EPA Region 8 building she currently works in!

Over the years Ms. Anderson has trained others in NEPA, public participation, media relations, and the legislative process in Colorado.  She holds a BS in Journalism and a MS in Environmental Regulatory Compliance.  She noted, “I have really enjoyed performing a job that makes a difference – one that adds value to everyone’s daily life. And I am blessed to be working with a highly talented and fun group of people.  I love coming to work every single day!”