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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Yohan Sumaiku
SEE Enrollee

Level 4 SEE Enrollee, Yohan Sumaiku, has been with the Region 8 Denver Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Enforcement, Compliance and Environmental Justice since November, 2007 and is responsible for maintaining the Underground Injection Control (UIC) database and conducting compliance inspections on oil injection wells on Tribal land.

In order to assure the wells do not rupture and contaminate safe drinking water, Mr. Sumaiku inspects pressure gauges and assures that the maximum allowable injection pressure is not exceeded.

Putting his Petroleum Engineering degree to good use, Mr. Sumaiku came to the United Sates 20 years ago from Indonesia as a safety and training manager for an offshore drilling contractor. In addition to an Engineering Degree, Mr. Sumaiku holds a Masters Degree and PhD in Environmental Economics from the Colorado School of Mines.

Mr. Sumaiku’s Monitor, Nathan Wiser, Environmental Scientist for the Region 8 EPA, was impressed with Mr. Sumaiku’s ability to quickly adapt to the position and is excited to have him be a part the UIC Enforcement and Compliance Team. Mr. Wiser stated that “Yohan has contributed to the UIC enforcement program's inspection program, having already participated in over 110 inspections. His background in petroleum engineering has given him a leg up doing these field visits to the oil fields. He consistently provides a friendly helping hand to any project. Yohan is a terrific role model and we are pleased to have him working in our midst."