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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Lewis Goins
ACES Enrollee

Lewis Goins has a strong desire to help people achieve sustainability and to help them protect and conserve their Natural Resources.  That was the driving force in his acceptance of a level 1, Conservation Implementation Specialist position with ACES/NRCS on March 22, 2010. Mr. Goins is based in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi NRCS office and serves the surrounding communities.

Since accepting this position, Mr. Goins has made a noticeable and significant increase in the implementation and participation of Farm Bill Programs administered by the NRCS.  One of his duties is to meet with current active program contract participants to assist and follow up in determining if additional technical assistance is needed. This is how he ensures that planned conservation practices are applied on the landscape as agreed in the program participant agreements.  Using his exceptional people skills, Mr. Goins has conducted and completed over forty program status reviews to determine if additional help is warranted for quicker and more efficient conservation practice implementation. He makes field visits to landowners to determine their conservation needs and assists them with a plan of action designed to address their natural resource concerns.  He provides high quality customer service by assisting field offices with daily operations at the counter, taking applications and requests for conservation technical assistance and he keeps the Lead Conservationist informed of needed appointments.  He has countless other goals and duties, but according to him, “A key and essential assigned duty is to ensure and apply an effective community outreach program.  I travel throughout the communities to talk to farmers and land users who may not know or be completely aware of the services and programs administered or available through the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Services.”

Mr. Wesley Kerr, the primary Monitor for Mr. Goins, describes him as being dependable, reliable, and having an invaluable work ethic –says he goes beyond the call of duty in reaching out to inform and promote conservation opportunities throughout the underserved communities. According to Mr. Kerr, “Lewis’ people skills and his ability to effectively communicate with clients and potential clients are the reasons he has been successful in accomplishing his assigned goals and objectives”.

Mr. Goins received a Bachelors of Science Degree from Mississippi Valley State University and a Masters Degree from William Carey University. Mr. Goins has always been a mentor of some sort: he has been a Football Coach, Teacher, Principal, Transportation Director and District Office Administrator.  He is the Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioner, President of the Lions Club, Vice President (elect) of the South Area, a hospital trustee, a member of the Resource Conservation and Development Organization, and a deacon of his church.  He sits on the boards of a utility company, the Red Cross, and the MS Association of Conservation District.  In his free time – yes, free time, he enjoys his hobbies which include gardening, camping, football, wildlife outdoor recreation, and meeting and talking with new people.

Of his position with ACES/NRCS, Mr. Goins says “serving in this position has afforded me with a great opportunity to serve others - which has always been my calling.  I am forever grateful for this opportunity”.