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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

David Howard
ACES Enrollee

David Howard joined the ACES Program in January 2010 as a Level 2 Conservation Planning Specialist at the Liberty, Missouri NRCS Field Office.  Currently, he is assigned to a two-county Field Office Service Area providing support to additional counties as needed. 

Mr. Howard is responsible for completing Environmental Evaluation Worksheets, gathering field data to compute and calculate soil loss, completing conservation plan documentation, creating conservation plan maps and compiling customer plan folders.

In June 2010, Mr. Howard undertook an exciting opportunity in Washington DC.  He was asked by NRCS National Headquarters (NHQ) to work on a special project to develop briefing materials for the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committees on wetland conservation compliance. For this temporary project, he traveled to Washington to provide USDA officials with a preview of the briefing materials.  A week later, Mr. Howard conducted the wetland conservation compliance briefing for the Agriculture Committees’ staff on Capitol Hill. 

Additionally, because of his experience with the Food Security Act of 1985, Mr. Howard was asked by NRCS NHQ to review and revise the National Food Security Act Manual.  The purpose of the review/revision was to update all sections of the Manual and to provide references to the statutes and regulations whenever possible.  After completing these special projects for NRCS NHQ, Mr. Howard returned to his original ACES Conservation Planning Specialist position.

Mr. Howard graduated from University of Arkansas with a B.S. in Soils.  Prior to the ACES Program, he spent three years at NRCS Headquarters in Washington, DC as the National Conservation Compliance Specialist.  Before that he spent 10 years as the Wetland Emphasis Team Leader for 40 counties in west-central Missouri.   After 36 years of service, Mr. Howard retired from the NRCS in December 2009.  His years of working in field offices and NHQ as a wetland specialist and soil scientist provided invaluable preparation for his current ACES position.   

When asked about the ACES Program, he states, “I appreciate the opportunity to continue working with landowners, NRCS and Conservation District personnel on conservation issues.”  In addition to the gratifying work, Mr. Howard enjoys a part-time schedule and the ACES Program has allowed him to transition from a full-time career to partial retirement.