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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Richard A Lahman
ACES Enrollee

Richard Lahman loves being active and he loves farming.  Those are two of the reasons he loves his level 1, Conservation Technician position with NRCS in Harrisonburg, VA.

Richard and his wife, Betty, raised four children on their family farm milking registered Ayrshires until 1986.  At that time, their sons did not want to take over the farm, so they used a government program, (Dairy Termination Program), to change from dairy to beef and managed that until 2008.  Their oldest son returned to the farm in 1999, so they expanded by renting approximately 600 acres planting grain and doing custom work.  Sadly, the Lahmans lost their oldest son to cancer in 2008, so they decided it was time to change again.  This time they sold the machinery, cows and calves, but continued to live on the farm.  During this time, Richard also worked for the Post Office.  He worked as a substitute mail carrier, only on Saturdays, for 7 years, then 14 years as a full-time carrier.  He retired from that position in 2005.

Richard became an ACES enrollee in May, 2009. His hope was to be helpful to NRCS and the farming community.  According to the words below from Cory Guilliams, District Conservationist for the Harrisonburg Service Center, I’d say he has fulfilled his “hope”.

Richard Lahman has been a valuable asset to the Harrisonburg NRCS Field and Area offices as well as to the Shenandoah Valley Soil and Water Conservation District.  He has provided assistance completing designs for livestock watering systems, working up project cost estimates, completing cultural resource reviews, checking out completed practices, and laying out projects in the field.  Richard’s knowledge of local agricultural practices has been a big help in working with farmers in Page and Rockingham Counties to get them to install conservation practices on the land they manage.  Many of the conservation practices that we recommend to farmers here, Richard has actually installed on his farming operation.  He is able to effectively communicate the pros and cons of these practices with the farmers to encourage them to adopt them on their operations.  There aren’t too many farms that we visit in our two county service area that the farmers don’t know Richard or someone in his family.  Richard always has a positive attitude and is willing to do more than is asked of him.  He is a true model ACES enrollee.”

Those words are echoed by Louis Heidel, Asst. State Conservationist, who says Richard is truly an asset to the agency!

Richard enjoys Sudoku, attending local college sporting events and hiking.  He has hiked most of the Appalachian Trail in sections from Maryland to North Carolina.  It is not his goal to hike the complete Trail – he hikes because he loves it!