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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Harriet H Edwards
SEE Enrollee

Harriet Edwards, an enrollee of NOWCC provides Asbestos Hot Line assistance and team support for the EPA, Office of Small Business Programs, Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman Program Hotline in Washington, DC. The most challenging aspects of her duties are addressing environmental concerns of Asbestos Hot Line inquirers. She satisfies these requests with both written and oral responses to questions regarding asbestos and other environmental related complaints; recommending referrals to Compliance Violation and Enforcement Contacts for the initiation and status of an investigation; and proofreading and editing the Small-Biz@EPA Bulletin quarterly draft newsletters.

From June 2009 to July 2011, Ms. Edwards was assigned to the EPA Pesticide Re-evaluation Division, Risk Management and Implementation Branch V in Arlington, VA.  There she provided technical processing and science review support to the mission of the Branch to help protect the health and safety of consumers by ensuring risk mitigation measures were disclosed in the pesticide product label application packages.

Prior to joining NOWCC, Ms. Edwards was employed with AARP, Office of Internal Interactive Media.  She provided high level support and outreach services to this diverse multi-cultural and fast paced office and worked collaboratively to carry out its mission.  Ms. Edwards’ past employment was quite extensive in support of both the federal government and private sector where her broad experience, solid organization, and team player skills were utilized to maximize the potential goals of the workplace.  Throughout her employment in the federal government and private sector, she received several recognition awards, citations, and letters of appreciation.

Ms. Edwards’ outreach services consisted of many volunteer assignments which included the Washington DC’s Living Wages, Southeast Community Builders Adult Literacy Program, Washington DC’s Downtown Cluster Geriatric Day Care Center, and Young Marines Community Program. Her affiliations included membership with Toast Masters and International Association of Administrative Professionals. Her hobbies are interior and exterior decorating, landscaping, nail art, hand dancing, and photograph.

Ms. Edwards attended The University of DC formerly known as Washington Technical Institute in Washington, DC and Prince Georges Community College in Largo, MD.

I accepted an NOWCC position because I have been able to complete a wide range of projects on time while maintaining 100% fulfillment, helping to increase the office productivity, and operational capacity due to my past work experiences, organizational skills, and being a quick learner.

Harriet’s monitor, Joan Rogers, shares these insights:

Harriet Edwards is an extremely professional and conscientious worker. Upon joining the Office of Small Business Programs, Harriet quickly adapted to what was needed in managing the Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman Hotline.  Her responses to citizen’s environmental inquiries are always based on factual information and she ensures that the references and contacts are from the appropriate sources.  Her work ethic is top notch!
Harriet is a great example of an enrollee who can work independently and professionally she is willing to take on new challenges and is eager to advance the mission and goals of the Agency. Ms. Edwards is a great asset to the Office of Small Business Programs and her contributions are greatly appreciated.