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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

The SEE Program: A Family Affair

For the Markham family, the SEE Program is a family affair.  It all began when Mr. Don Markham went to work in the Program in 1993.  His original duties consisted of creating Superfund Site Fact Sheets and answering the Superfund Hotline in Region 6.  Mr. Markham now works in the SEE Program as a Level 4 Enrollee supporting Region 6 Emergency Response and Prevention Branch.  Mr. Markham, whose background includes teaching at the college level and experience in the oil and gas industry, currently provides logistical support to the Remedial Response Center by coordinating the maintenance, tracking, repair and procurement of the Center’s equipment.  Mr. Markham also provides graphics support by publishing graphics and archival information in framed pictures that are exhibited on the eighth and tenth floor areas.

In 2003 Mr. Markham’s wife, Mrs. Frankie Markham, joined the SEE Program as a Level 3 in Region 6 Superfund and was responsible for preparing responses to  relating to CERCLIS site inquiries and maintaining computer tracking systems for site assessment activities.  Mrs. Markham’s prior experience included years of real estate, legal, and administrative experience.  Now a Level 4 Enrollee, Mrs. Markham currently provides support for the Oil Pollution Act Enforcement Program by entering all data into the data base; updating the data base, and preparing all enforcement documents for issuance, as well as creating and maintaining the folders for each facility.

And, as if the Markham family does not have enough representation, we added another generation to the SEE Program in December, 2012.  Daughter, Mrs. Karen Sterrett, joined the SEE Program as a Level 3 Enrollee coordinating and tracking data in order to maintain accurate records for the databases associated with CERCLA and OPA removals, as well as providing other administrative support.  Ms. Markham’s experience, like her mother’s, included real estate, banking, data management and computer specialization as well as administrative experience. She finished her degree in business and earned a teaching certificate to teach as an elementary school teacher.  Mrs. Sterrett not only provides a contribution to our environment through the SEE Program but also, like her parents, reduces carbon emissions by riding the DART rail to work every day.