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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Philip Dorsey
SEE Enrollee

Philip Dorsey, who works in the Region VI Dallas Office as a Level 4 Security Assistant, began his work as a SEE enrollee only two months after 9/11/01 and has watched and assisted with the enormous changes taking place in security at EPA because of that dreadful day.  One of the most time-consuming tasks he assists with is the credentialing for EPA employees every three years.  This year credentialing for 150 Region 6 EPA employees will need to be completed by June 30th.  This requires the entry of specific information into a database, including a photo and a signature for each employee, so that it can be dispatched to EPA Headquarters.  Headquarters then approves the EPA credential requests and releases them back to Region 6 for distribution to employees.

In addition to being involved with the process of employee background investigations and EPA federal credentialing, Philip’s section is also responsible for approving and issuing SEE inspector credentials and credentials for approximately 100 state contractors who work at the state level checking air quality, water, etc.  Often this five state coverage for the Region’s state inspectors is more labor intensive than for EPA employees because of the temporary nature of contract work.

Philip says that everyday new security measures are required to maintain physical security, as well as data security.  Although Region 6 occupies 8 floors of a public building monitored by security cameras, EPA also maintains their own cameras to monitor hallways, elevators, conference rooms, etc.  Another new and important program is the EPASS/Smart Card which is now required for all government personnel. This card is by Presidential Directive and is coded with enough information to allow movement between government facilities and has special coding so that no one other than the assigned badge holder will be able to use it.

Philip has a BA from Concordia College, a M.DIV from Concordia Seminary, and is experienced in office management.  Of all of the positions he has held in his career, Philip says that it is his current position as a SEE enrollee that has been the most satisfying and stress free because he feels he is making a contribution to the essential mission of the EPA.  And EPA Facilities Chief, Lisa Bokun says of Phil, “He does SUCH a terrific job for us - we’d have one heck of a hard time without him!”