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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Dorothy P Urtula
SEE Enrollee

Over 16,000 boxes of federal records to organize and track! Region 9 EPA recently bid adieu to SEE enrollee Dorothy (Dottie) Urtula who retired to start a new chapter in her life. She never expected her SEE position to last as long as it did but her support had been so integral to the Agency that she was renewed from year to year! It’s a good thing, because she played a vital role in the Records Management Program by providing essential tracking, storage and retrieval of critical records.  She summarized her experience in this way, “I enjoyed working under the SEE Program at US Environmental Protection Agency.  Thank you for the opportunities for personal development and experience that US EPA R9 provided me during my time with Records Management.”    

When Dottie first started working in the EPA Records Management Office, they had less than 1,000 boxes stored at the Federal Records Center; and after 16 years of working hard to better organize their records systems, they now have close to 17,000 boxes. She organized the official records of all the information stored in every single box within their office and reviewed monthly invoices submitted by the Federal Records Center to assure accuracy.  Ms. Urtula was also a key element in assisting with the training of EPA staff on records management and transfers and retrievals. She coordinated with the facilities division for scheduled shipment of boxes and also transferred all information into personalized data files.

The close tracking of these documents is essential to EPA operations because they are used for FOIA requests and EPA legal actions.  An interesting project Dottie participated in was related to tobacco litigation within the Department of Justice (DOJ).  She helped identify and review over 500 boxes that contained tobacco-related information and that were forwarded to the DOJ in Washington.

Dottie holds a Business Administration degree from the University of the East, Manila, Philippines.  Prior to joining the SEE Program, she was working in the food industry with Castle and Cooke, Inc. and Dole Foods Company.  She also worked at the Federal Reserve Bank, Monetary Aggregate Department in San Francisco.

Dottie greatly enjoyed the SEE Program because, not only is it tailored to matching older workers with unique jobs, but she explained, “NOWCC is a very good organization and well managed by qualified people.  They appreciated and recognized SEE participants for the outstanding work we did for EPA.”  She’ll certainly miss the EPA staff that she worked side-by-side with over the years.  “There were several EPA employees who became my close friends as I coordinated and helped them with the Records Management Programs,” she explained.

Dottie looks forward to using her free time to enjoy her many hobbies: computer games, cooking, walking, dancing, and vacation/cruises every year with her family. She even wants to go back to school to learn more, especially classes on business management. We wish Dottie all the best and thank her for the excellent support and dedication she provided to the EPA!