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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Lynette T Umez-Eronini
SEE Enrollee

Lynette Umez-Eronini, an enrollee with NOWCC since 2011 works in the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), Antimicrobials Division (AD), Product Science Branch (PSB).  As Ms. Eronini puts it, she wears many hats and the best hat is the one of a Product Chemist in the Office of Pesticide Programs, Antimicrobials Division, Product Science Branch.  As a Product Chemist, Lynette conducts product Chemistry reviews for registration of antimicrobial pesticides; analyzes and interprets data pertinent to the chemistry of antimicrobial pesticides; and prepares technical responses to a variety of inquiries.   

Ms. Lynette says that working in the SEE Program has fulfilled her dream of working at EPA and has afforded her the opportunity to assist with OPP’s mission, which is to protect human health and the environment by ensuring pesticides and alternatives are safe and available for a healthy America. She enjoys working as a team member with brilliant, helpful and intellectual scientists in the PSB, AD and OPP offices at EPA.

Her monitor says that Lynette is a very energetic and a tenacious person.  There is never a task requested that she does not complete expeditiously and accurately.  Lynette is quick to volunteer for each and every opportunity with zest and eagerness.  Her advanced experience and scientific knowledge and skills help the Division tremendously. The Antimicrobials Division of EPA is very fortunate to have Mrs. Eronini as an NOWCC enrollee. Her dedication, exuberance and technical abilities are greatly appreciated.

Another hat that Lynette proudly wears is one of a B.S. and M.S. in chemistry from Howard University with post graduate coursework in Environmental Engineering. Her past work experience is impressive.  During the summer breaks in college she worked as a Researcher at Proctor and Gamble and Howard University and as an intern at EPA, Office of Pesticide Prevention, Inert Branch. After college, she worked as an Assistant Supervisor in the wastewater treatment plant at Tennessee Eastman Company and served as a University Chemistry Lecturer in Nigeria; as well as a Chemistry and Environmental Science Teacher in one of the public high schools in Washington, D.C.   Additionally, she spent time working as a Patent Examiner.

Some of her favorite activities include active membership in her church, life member of Blacks in Government (BIG) and a member and president of Anchor Toastmasters at EPA. She has won many chapter and area speech contests in toastmasters. Other activities that she passionately partakes in are the joy of walking 13 miles to and from the White House with one of her neighbors, reading cook and gardening books, and putting her cooking & gardening skills to work.