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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Thaddeus Czerkowicz
SEE Enrollee

Thaddeus (Ted) Czerkowicz is a Level 4 NOWCC SEE enrollee who began working for the EPA/OPP National Pesticide Standard Repository (NPSR) in 2000.  The NPSR maintains and furnishes pesticide standards of pure active ingredients and regulated metabolites currently registered in the United States in support of the Agency's regulatory decisions for FIFRA and FQPA. 

Ted attended Rutgers University and his academic studies were mainly in the biological sciences including microbiology.  Military service followed soon after graduation.  He was quite fortunate to have been assigned to the diagnostic bacteriology section of the USAREUR Medical Laboratory in Landstuhl, Germany and worked there for over two years.  He found that experience invaluable.  Upon separation from the service and return to the States, his first task was to obtain suitable employment.  Since his home state of New Jersey was home to many well-known pharmaceutical companies it was only natural that he focused on that industry.  He started out as a “junior pharmacologist” as that position was listed.  With additional course work in microbiology he eventually found employment in such diverse areas as in the manufacture of antibiotics and in the production of poultry and canine vaccines.  Returning to work at the lab bench, he was a participant on a research project involving TB patients at the VA Center in Martinsburg, WV.  In 1965, he took a position in bacteriology at the USDA facility in Beltsville, MD which was eventually incorporated into EPA when the Agency was created.  He continued to work in pesticide program activities until his retirement 30 years later in 1996.

Several years after his retirement, he was asked if he would be interested in coming back to work at the EPA as part-time enrollee to work at the standards repository (NPSR) as a NOWCC enrollee.  Not too much prompting was needed for him to accept.  For Ted it was a reunion with old friends and co-workers.  Ted is the first line of contact for Repository customer telephone inquiries.  His diligence and exemplary communication skills enable him to answer all questions from customers and resolve problems.  He also packages and ships an average of 120 analytical pesticide standards per week to over 300 U.S. Federal and State laboratories involved in pesticide enforcement and monitoring.  His “old school” work ethic ensures that the NPSR meets the required turn-around time for shipping orders.  He is now in his 13th year at the repository and still enjoys working. 

Mr. Czerkowicz’s warmth and kindness make him a favorite among the ACB staff, and his efficiency and effectiveness make him an invaluable part of the Repository team.