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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Peter E Phillips
SEE Enrollee

Peter Phillips enrolled in the SEE Program in March of 2013 to fill a key support  position at EPA’s Seattle, Washington office.  Federal employee Javier Morales, Risk Management Coordinator, based his selection of Peter on “30 years of emergency response experience working at the Honolulu International Airport.  He’s a great addition to our EPA Region 10 Risk Management Program (RMP) Team.  He really enjoys doing field inspections to help determine if facilities are complying with the RMP regulations, such as emergency response planning for a chemical release, which is an important part of our program.”

Peter was an Assistant Fire Chief for the State of Hawaii, Incident Commander for their international airport and also taught a variety of classes at Honolulu Community College in their Fire and Environmental Emergency Response Program.  He holds a degree in Fire Science and Liberal Arts.  He says, “I’ve had too many great bosses over the course of my 35 year career to highlight a single individual.  All were excellent leaders, putting the needs of the public ahead of their own personal safety.”

A typical day for him at EPA includes reviewing correspondence from past and future facility inspections, reviewing follow-up documentation from facilities to help determine compliance against codes and standards of the Clean Air Act, helping determine civil penalties, attending training courses and participating in group planning sessions.  He also accompanies the RMP Team when they conduct risk management inspections at facilities that contain a certain threshold of flammable or toxic chemicals to help determine compliance with the Clean Air Act.

The most challenging part of his job is learning the more technical aspects of industrial processes and the regulations that cover them.  “There’s lots of reading and asking questions of the more senior EPA staff for advice.  But what I enjoy most is learning new skills and being in the company of other SEE grantees with their own interesting stories,” he explained.

Outside of his working hours, Peter is a “huge” movie buff and enjoys brewing his own beer and cider.  He did a lot of surfing in the 40+ years he lived in Hawaii, but can’t see that in the cards for Seattle.  “It’s just too darn COLD here!” he claimed.