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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

David Roady
SEE Enrollee

David Roady who serves in the capacity of an equipment coordinator for the Environmental Response Team in Erlanger, Kentucky, is an old hand at Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) detection.  He started out his career in the US Army serving as a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Specialist ending with the rank of Sergeants Major for the U. S Army Chemical Research, Development and Engineering Command and Technical Escort Unit at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. 

After 24 years in the Army, Mr. Roady accepted a position as Instructor for the Center for Hazardous Materials Research where he presented various HAZWOPER and CFR programs used by EPA.  A sampling of these include:  Hazardous Waste Site Worker training; Emergency Response training; confined Space Entry training; Hazard Communication; and DOT Hazard Materials training.  In 1996 Mr. Roady became an instructor for Tetra Tech NUS where he became Project Manager for the U.S. EPA 8 hour Health and Safety Refresher Course until 2002 when he joined General Dynamics in 2002 and served as U.S. EPA Technical Support Specialist for Radiation, WMD, Detection and Hazmat Response.

Along the way, Mr. Roady had some impressive training and managed to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree and become an Honor Graduate of the U.S. Army’s Chemical School.  He topped off his education by earning a Master of Science Degree from American Technological University.

Finally, in 2006, he was recruited by the SEE Program to become an enrollee under NCOA, joining NOWCC in 2010.  Today you will find Mr. Roady maintaining the monitoring, surveillance and emergency response equipment that is vital to national security.  This equipment includes handheld radiation and chemical survey equipment for alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron monitoring; portable gamma spectroscopy instrumentation; air samplers, alpha-beta scalers; floor monitors; chemical contamination monitoring equipment, as well as coordinating the calibration of equipment.  Additionally, Mr. Roady is responsible for deploying field equipment and maintaining the inventory of equipment.  He also puts his training experience to work by providing technical input on equipment use to EPA during instructional session. 

Even with the duties listed above, Mr. Roady was tapped to deliver a communications bus to Region One in Boston where he conducted a briefing that took all day on Tuesday November 12th and was attended by two Region One OSCs, two WESTON START contractors and an Emergency Response IT Contractor.   Mr. Roady’s impressive background enabled him to provide in-depth knowledge of the technical nuances of the equipment on that bus and, more importantly, provide expert advice, coordination and maintenance on environmental monitoring, surveillance and emergency response equipment on a daily basis for the EPA.