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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Richard H Howell
ACES Enrollee

Mr. Richard Howell began his ACES assignment with NRCS at the Huntingdon, PA office January 2009.  He is a former NRCS Conservation Technician for Pennsylvania who served in that capacity for over 37 years.  During his years as a Conservation Technician, he worked with farmers to develop conservation plans on Highly Erodible Land (HEL) cropland, pasture, & woodland. He also assisted producers with layout, survey, design and construction inspection of common conservation practices including ponds, diversions, waterways, subsurface drains, spring development, livestock stream crossing, water control structures and other related practices. Mr. Howell also served as Construction Inspector on Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) projects in Huntingdon, Blair & Sullivan Counties in Pennsylvania and Allegheny County in New York.

Mr. James Steward, the primary Monitor for Mr. Howell says “I consider one of his most important functions to be training new employees. Not in just the technical aspects, but how to understand and get along with the rural people who are our clients and how to develop good work habits and ethics. Dick has accomplished a lot of good conservation in his career and I think it is important to have some of that enthusiasm rub off on the young conservationists who are just starting out.”

Mr. Howell has been retired since 1994 but is happy to get back in the field on a part time bases doing the work he enjoys the most.  As a Conservation Technician he provides technical assistance in Huntingdon County as well as assistance to the state office soils staff and ecological staff. Mr. Howell also determines survey needs, conducts field surveys, and plots to create topographic maps, profiles and cross-sections to be used in the design of engineering practices.  He particularly enjoys helping farmers install erosion control practices.

Mr. Howell’s hobbies include hunting and fishing.  He is a member of Lutheran Church of Huntingdon and a member and past president of Oneida Township Fire Company. In addition Mr. Howell has been a Forest Fire Warden for 50 years!

About his ACES position, Mr. Howell says “This job has given me an opportunity to reacquaint myself with the landowners I had worked with for over 30  years and to do what  I always enjoyed doing to preserve our natural resources.  I like my job and I think the program is good and very much needed”.