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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Ella Witherspoon
SEE Enrollee

Ms. Ella Witherspoon’s Level-4 assignment with the SEE Program is located at EPA’s Ft. Meade Laboratory in Maryland. 

Ms. Witherspoon is a research assistant within the Office of Pesticide Program’s Microbiology Laboratory which tests the efficacy of hospital disinfectants and evaluates qualitative and quantitative antimicrobial methods.  She has enthusiastically embraced her responsibilities since August of 2003.  Following established procedures and practices, she provides media, reagent, glassware and other supplies needed for product testing and research projects to the scientific teams.  Ella is proficient at the operation of several pieces of laboratory equipment and performs scheduled quality control checks on the instrumentation.  The lab relies on her many years of experience that she gained in her previous positions in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry.  The work she performs at the laboratory serves as a foundation for an extremely busy testing schedule.  Ella’s positive demeanor and can-do attitude rubs off on all staff members at the lab.  She was honored in 2007 as the Biological and Economic Analysis Division NOWCC of the year.

Ms. Witherspoon's broad educational and professional experience greatly benefits the laboratory. She received a B.S. in Chemistry from Virginia State College and has taken graduate course work.  She worked at Johns Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health as a research Biochemist and then for the D.C. Government, Bureau of Laboratories, Public Health Department as a Supervisory Clinical Chemist.  Her talents and experience were further highlighted when she became the director of the D.C. Government Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.  After more than 30 years of service, she retired in 1999.  The OPP Microbiology Laboratory is extremely fortunate to have Ella as part of our scientific team.