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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Clyde Wilson Jr.
SEE Enrollee

Clyde Wilson Jr. was raised on a 125-acre farm just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  It was there he first gained his deep appreciation for the environment, noting that, “farmers were the first environmentalists.”  This background and a developing scientific interest led him to attain a BS in Biological Science with a focus on the plant and soil sciences.  His first job after college was as a Soil Scientist with the US Department of Agriculture.  Eventually he left government service for a sales position with Bayer Corporation.  He spent 25 years with Bayer, moving from field sales to district management, to product management and then marketing.  As a Product Manager, he spent a lot time working with the Environmental Protection Agency in Crystal City, Virginia on product reviews for new product registrations and product re-registrations.  During this time he also returned to the university to complete a Master’s in Marketing.  After this, Clyde ran his own consulting business, providing strategic planning and product development support for mid-sized chemical and biotech companies, most with annual revenues of $250 million.

As Clyde was researching new opportunities in the biological sciences, he discovered the NOWCC SEE Program.  He applied and was selected for a SEE position at EPA Region 8  in Denver, Colorado in August 2011 where he has since strengthened the outreach component of their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program in tribal and public schools.  As a part of the Pesticides Program, the focus of the IPM effort is to minimize the short/long-term risk to children of pesticides exposure because there is considerable third party evidence to indicate that reducing this exposure enhances academic achievement.  Clyde assists with on-site assessments and seminars and helped create an educational brochure to promote the importance of keeping the learning environment as pesticides-free as possible.  The best way to do this is by providing barriers to entry through sound sanitation practices/good building maintenance and using low-toxicity pesticides and biological solutions.  One Denver pilot school was recently recognized by the Region 8 Regional Administrator for not having used pesticides during the past year.  And this school is in the top 5 academic performing elementary schools in the State of Colorado.

Clyde says, “This opportunity with the EPA through the NOWCC SEE Program has allowed me to continue to work in the areas I love.  And the staff associates and managers at the Denver regional office are among some of the most talented and enjoyable individuals I have ever worked with.”

His coworkers have this to add:

“Clyde has been an exceptional addition to the Pesticides Program at Region 8 EPA.  His vast experience has been a huge benefit to the program and staff in many areas and his light hearted nature makes working with him enjoyable.  His willingness to share ideas and approaches has encouraged me to be more open to processes and learning and for that I'm very grateful.”  VL

“What a gem we have in Clyde! From day one, he has added value to the work of the EPA Region 8 Pesticides Program.  His knowledge, technical expertise, professionalism and warm personality are a great addition to our team.  Thank you for helping match him up with our program.”