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Enrollee Spotlight

Enrollee Spotlight

Jim Byrne
SEE Enrollee

Myron “Jim” Byrne, an EPA SEE enrollee since June 1992, currently works in the Community Involvement and Programs Initiative Branch of the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation.  Most recently, Jim has participated with the Abandoned Mine Land (AML) team, updating status of AML sites and potential renewable energy sites. He works closely with National Mining Expert and a co-chair of the Nation Mining Team, Mr. Shahid Mahmud.  Jim’s monitor, Mr. Larry Zaragozasays Jim provides the National Mining Team with information that is central to ensuring that cleanups are effective and protective and that Jim is adept at accessing information from the Records of Decision database and maintaining site summary information in spreadsheets.   Recently, Mr. Byrne compiled information from the Record of Decision database on cleanup actions and institutional controls (i.e., legal and administrative instruments that are used to prevent human exposure to site contamination).  This information will be part of an overall report summarizing cleanup work at hard rock mining sites on the National Priorities List.  This report will highlight obstacles to meeting cleanup objectives at sites and implementation of institutional controls.  In addition, Mr. Byrne maintains site-specific information on the universe of mining sites that are in the process of being cleaned up.  Larrysays that Mr. Byrne is a valued member of the National Mining Team who provides valuable information that helps to evaluate the progress in the cleanup of mining sites and ensure that cleanups are protective of health and the environment.

Jim worked in other EPA offices as a SEE enrollee such as the Office of Contracts and in the Office of Solid Waste Contract Management Division where he worked with the Environmental Services Assistant Team (ESAT) on a contract with Lockheed Martin which provided assistance in soil sampling for the regional laboratories.  Of all his assignments, Jim says he has enjoyed the challenges and patronage of fellow co-workers and those of AARP and NOWCC programs.

Jim enlisted in the US Air Force in 1952, serving in air/ground radio and network communications during the Korean conflict, and later served in the US Army in Mannheim, Germany as Chief of Radio Communications until 1962.  In January 1963, Jim began work with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington, DC.  During this time, he also attended Southeastern University, where he received a degree in Business Management.  He served as a Contract Specialist (Contracting Officer) with the General Services Administration during the years of 1967 - 1986; the last 3 years he served as a contracting officer of an agency team project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  After retirement, Jim was reemployed as a project officer with Public Health Service in Riyadh where he developed a supply system and performed site studies for development of maintenance facilities and quarters for the Saudi Red Crescent Society.

Mr. Byrne earned his Real Estate license for the State of Virginia in 1990 and worked as a realtor for two years.   His favorite pastime for 45 years was playing tennis as a team member of the Federal agencies and in competitive recreational programs.  He spends his devotional time with his wife Melva, serving their church and choir.