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Open Positions in California

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Spill Phone Monitor (must be 55+)
ID: SCA-443 Location: San Francisco Program: SEE
Wage/Hr: $12.72 Hours/Week: 40 Minimum Age: 55

BA/BS Degree in Chemistry/Engineering/Environmental Sciences OR Minimum of 10 year(s) of experience in Environmental Sciences/Engineering Previously completed training in Firefighting-hazardous materials

  • Knowledge of chemistry, hazardous materials, technology, strong organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills. Must be outgoing and confident to speak with private citizens, local, state and federal personnel over the phone.
  • Experience required with Windows, Typewriter, Copying Machine, Multiple Phone Lines, MS Word, MS Excel
  • PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, scanner, TV Receivers and Monitors, Wireless and Satellite phones, VHF/UHF Radios, Web EOC, internet cloud database applications, GIS viewing systems

Answer Region 9 Emergency Response Spill telephone line at EPA's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) from the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, Excluding federal and company holidays.

  • Answer spill line phone calls between 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday Forward spill phone calls to the OSC Phone Duty Officer at 5PM Monday through Friday Return spill line calls to the EOC Call Canter at 8AM Monday through Friday Receive spill report information and enter information into the Spill Notification database Conduct follow-up on spill reports to collect additional information from state, county, local and private citizens as to the nature of the release and response actions being taken to mitigate the spill/release Maintain Spill Phone Notification Database Forward spill reports to internal contacts via distribution lists Provide spill notification and response action information to on-call OSC Duty Officers (2) Maintain internal spill phone notification and emergency contact lists Maintain WEB EOC Database Maintain Lotus Notes Spill Notification Report Database Maintain Region 9 OSC Telephone Handbook Operate Multi-media systems to display GIS information    100%

  • Use of Agency proprietary systems like Web EOC, GeoViewer and "Cloud" database systems
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