Scott Winters, CO SEE Enrollee

Scott Winters, CO SEE Enrollee

Scott Winters worked for the State of Colorado for 32 years. He spent 23 of those years in various environmental protection programs, including some limited work associated with the Superfund Program. During that time he was responsible for helping develop, implement and manage the Colorado Underground Storage Tank Program. His final nine years with the State were dedicated to the information technology arena, including six years of managing staff assigned to support various programs – the Underground Storage Tank Program, Workers Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, the Department of Labor and Employment and Human Resources.

After retiring from the State, Mr. Winters knew he wanted to continue helping to protect the environment. He had previously learned that EPA utilized an older worker program to assist with their workload so he contacted the Agency and was referred to NOWCC. After learning more about their non-profit SEE Program, he applied for a vacancy in the Region 8 Superfund Remedial Program and was selected to fill a Level 4 position there.

With his degree in Environmental Geoscience (BS in Geology) and his strong computer and organizational skills, Mr. Winters’s primary function is to support the Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) and Unit Chiefs who administer the Superfund Remedial Response Program to facilitate the cleanup of hazardous waste sites in Region 8. He helps review and evaluate site investigation and other engineering reports in the context of specific questions or issues and provides summaries of findings; reviews site-specific sampling and analysis plans and helps analyze their appropriateness; gathers site-specific information to compile and prepare focused reports; assists EPA staff with analytical services; and helps research, retrieve and compile records for FOIA and Congressional requests.

When asked what he enjoys about his SEE assignment, Mr. Winters responded, “The amount of duties each (agency) individual is responsible for is very demanding. I have always felt that individuals working in a complex area like this should be able to focus as much attention as possible on their sites. The support I provide to them is intended to assist them in completing their work.”

Mr. Winters had an opportunity to assist the RPMs assigned to the Libby, Montana asbestos site. At this location a former business mined, processed and shipped products that contained asbestos. “The resulting impact to the town of Libby has caused citizens who worked at the plant/mine to develop asbestos-related health problems. Also the workers inadvertently contaminated their homes either by tracking in asbestos through their asbestos-dust-laden clothing, using product produced at the plant in their gardens/flower beds or planters or by using it to help insulate their homes. Clean up of individual properties is still ongoing,” he stated.

Steve Wharton, one of the Managers for the remediation unit, provided this feedback, “The SEE Program is an invaluable resource for the EPA and for the Superfund Program in particular. We very much appreciate the critical work our SEE individuals perform, especially in this time of shrinking federal resources.”

As for outside entertainment, Mr. Winters and his wife thoroughly enjoy SCUBA diving. In 2013 they were blessed to spend two weeks in the Philippines, diving in the Tubbataha coral reef area. In 2012 they took a dive trip to the Mediterranean Sea, around Greece. They also enjoy camping, fishing and golf when time allows.