Open Positions in CO

Please review the openings listed below. Clicking on a Reference Code # or Title will bring up details for the opening.

Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Program
BWOCO-018 Denver Forester $61.00 BLM
BWOCO-019 Denver Senior Hydrologist $61.00 BLM
F15COR2-002 Lakewood Lands & Realty Specialist #1 $35.00 FOREST
F15COR2-003 Lakewood Lands & Realty Specialist #2 $35.00 FOREST
F1COR2-001 Fort Collins Hydrologist $75.00 FOREST
SCO-832 Denver UIC Permit/Rule Writer and Hydrogeologist $12.72 SEE
SCO-834 Denver Clean Water Program Administrative Support $11.10 SEE
SCO-835 Denver Professional Support to Preparedness & Site Assessment $12.72 SEE
SCO-836 Denver Emergency Management Professional Support $12.72 SEE
SCO-837 Denver Emergency Management Technical Support $11.10 SEE
SCO-839 Denver Underground Storage Tank Inspector/Program Support $12.72 SEE
SCO-840 Denver Program Support $12.72 SEE