Open Positions in DC

Please review the openings listed below. Clicking on a Reference Code # or Title will bring up details for the opening.

Code #
Site Title Hourly Wage Program
ADC-003 Washington Farm Bill Programs Support $24.00 ACE
ADC-011 ANY CITY/TBD Soil Health Specialist - National Support $38.48 ACE
BWODC-002 Washington Land Law Examiner (Minerals) / Cadastral Surveyor $39.00 BLM
F4DCR13-002 Washington National NEPA Specialist $75.00 FOREST
F5DCR13-010 Washington Special Uses Specialist #3 $25.00 FOREST
F5DCR13-015 TBD Special Uses Billing Specialist #2 $25.00 FOREST
F5DCR13-021 TBD Special Uses Billing Specialist #1 $25.00 FOREST
SDC-1453 Washington Chemical Engineer Support $14.00 SEE
SDC-1454 Washington Science Policy Analyst $14.00 SEE
SDC-1455 Washington Administrative and Technical Coordinator $14.00 SEE