Position Details

Technical/Scientific Coordinator

ID: SKS-176 Location: Lenexa Program: SEE
Wage/Hr: $12.72 Hours/Week: 30-40 Minimum Age: 55


BA/BS Degree in Environmental Science, Biology, of other field of earth science OR Minimum of 5 year(s) of experience in a related field

  • Experience required with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Copying Machine, Scanner


The primary purpose of this position is to provide scientifically based technical support for WWPD and other divisions in the execution of the Clean Water Act.

  • Assess public notices, noting special concerns, prior to assigning them to State Coordinators for their review. 35%
  • Analyze and summarize jurisdictional determinations, project impacts, and coordinate with staff. 20%
  • Evaluate and review Mitigation Bank and In-Lieu Fee documents. 10%
  • Evaluate whether State Coordinators'10 comments on PNs resulted in environmental improvements. 10%
  • Train State Coordinators and staff in other Regions in DARTER database entry. 5%
  • Revise file plan and ensure documents are filed correctly. 5%
  • Respond to Corps when we receive documents with information inadequate to assess projects. 5%
  • Research, extract and compile information to provide to EPA HQ. 5%
  • Assist with process improvements. 5%